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Best Weapons in The Rogue Prince of Persia

Slice your way to the top!

There are only eight weapons available in The Rogue Prince of Persia but choosing just one is still one difficult decision to make. While in most cases, you play the hand you are dealt with because of the nature of roguelike games; You always want to keep an eye out for the best weapons in The Rogue Prince of Persia.

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The Rogue Prince of Persia: Best Weapons Listed


The Broadsword is one of the highest DPS weapons, but it is also one of the slowest. It has a wide range of attacks since it is a two-hand weapon, after all. Hacking and slashing isn’t a good idea since enemies with fast attacks can get you every so often.

However, if you time your combos or if you mix in some kicks with your attacks, the Broadsword is extremely powerful because of its raw power.

Royal Sword

The Royal Sword is an extremely fast weapon, comparable to the starting Double Daggers weapon. If you have trouble fighting a large pack of enemies, the special attack is quite useful for unleashing devasting combos.

For general use, the Royal Sword staggers enemies fast due to its fast attacks, but it also has a strong last attack. Normally, the difference between the weapons is minimal if you factor in the speed of each. Preference will just be based on play style.


The Falcata is by far the strongest weapon. It is the middle ground between the Royal Sword and the Double Daggers. It does weaker damage than the Royal Sword, but attacks faster. However, what makes the Falcata the strongest is its effect. With each strike using the Falcata, you increase its damage by 10% for 3 seconds. The stack goes up to 30 times, which gives you more damage than you can ever imagine.

Again, the damage is a bit too much, so realistically speaking, you don’t need that much damage for the most part of your runs. You also have a special attack that unleashes a deadly slicing combo.


The Tabar is the slowest weapon but has the highest damage output. If you notice that the DPS for all the weapons is the same with regard to their level, it means the Tabar is still on par with the fastest weapons just because each strike does so much damage.

However, if you use the Tabar, you can play around with its effect, which is using the last blow of the combo to stun nearby enemies. You can try to attack slightly away from the enemy until you reach the last part of the combo to stun them. It gives you a safer way of dealing with enemies.

It is also strong against bosses because of its high damage and the boss’s fast damage window. It is probably the main weapon you’ll use when you first beat Berude, too, since fast weapons are just too slow at dealing damage against Berude. This isn’t as great when you reach the later stages, such as the Garden or the Tower of Oblivion.

While the Falcata is a heavy favorite of mine, it is still up to you whether you like the other weapons. Most of them have minimal differences, and it depends mostly on your combat skills.

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