Combat Tips The Rogue Prince of Persia
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The Rogue Prince of Persia: Complete Combat Tips

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While The Rogue Prince of Persia game emphasizes more on its awesome movement and parkour, combat is a bit overlooked because of its simplistic nature. However, learning all the combat tips and tricks is crucial to any successful run; it is the main way to deal with the enemies anyway. Here are the best combat tips you should follow when playing The Rogue Prince of Persia.

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Best Combat Tips for The Rogue Prince of Persia

Breaking Shielded Enemies

Kicking non-shielded enemies to shielded enemies instantly breaks their shields. These shielded enemies are one of the worst to fight because they cannot get staggered or even stunned with the Grappling Hook tool. If you try to perform combos, they’ll normally do their attacks and keep forcing you to dodge instead of attacking.

More Kicking

While most players will always try to spam normal attacks with their weapons, kick is often underutilized. Kick does a ton of useful things, including Medallions effects. If you kick an unshielded enemy to another unshielded enemy, they’ll get stunned.

If you kick an enemy to an obstacle, they’ll get stunned. Since kicking also pushes enemies away, you can push them off a ledge or spike traps, which will almost instantly kill them, depending on how far they fall.

The longer I played the game, the more I kept using the kicks. I even altered my parkour or movement to avoid attacking and just kicked them off the ledge at times.

Capitalize on Medallions

While Medallions aren’t as game-changing as players thought they would be, they are still useful if you use and upgrade the right ones. One of the strongest early Medallions is the one that applies poison when you hit enemies from afar. Combined with the Composite Bow, you’ll start to deal damage over time against sturdy enemies.

If you have problems fighting Garude, this is definitely one trick to bring her down. Since she has multiple occasions where she’s just standing, applying poison immediately will burn her HP fast.

Other useful Medallions mostly revolve around healing. Since you can’t possibly avoid damage all the time, healing is crucial to your success. You only have limited health and health potions, but Medallions help you survive a little longer. Medallions that heal for every gold spent or for every Well of Dreams discovered are some of the best ones.

You Don’t Have to Finish Every Combo

Some weapons do more damage on the last strike of the combo. However, it isn’t always a good thing to finish your combos because you might get hit by the enemy you are attacking.

Slow weapons like the Broadsword would take a little more time to stagger enemies at times compared to the Royal Daggers or the Royal Sword. If you are doing combos with a slow weapon and the enemy is on its attack animation, you should stop mid-combo to dodge. The only benefit of using a slow weapon is its ability to sometimes eliminate enemies in two swings or against bosses like General Berude.

Always Use Tools

Most tools only use up a few energy points to use. If you are constantly maxed out on energy points, you should use your tools more efficiently because these are typically more powerful than your weapons.

There are some situations where this doesn’t apply, such as using Berude’s Gauntlet. Since this tool takes a lot of energy to use, you need to use it sparingly against tough foes or fighting multiple enemies at once.

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