How to Beat General Berude in The Rogue Prince of Persia
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How to Beat Berude in The Rogue Prince of Persia

That's a nice gauntlet you have there.

General Berude, the Unstoppable, is one of the first bosses or, as some consider, a miniboss in The Rogue Prince of Persia. Berude will be everyone’s first hurdle, as most of you will meet your swift demise upon encountering her the first time. If you want to beat Berude fast, here’s everything you need to know regarding her attacks, as well as different fight strategies.

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General Berude’s Attacks in The Rogue Prince of Persia

Here’s a quick breakdown of General Berude’s attack or move set:

AttackDescriptionHow to Dodge
SwipeA melee attack when you get closeDash away from Berude. She usually does this attack after recovering from a stun.
Bull ChargeJumps to the sky and lands on the stage, firing two rockslides in both directions on her landing spot. Jump and wall run diagonally (going upward) to the opposite direction of Berude
Jumping SlamSlams the ground continuously like a frog, leaving two rocks you can use afterward. Jump and wall run to the opposite side and wait until Berude stops before engaging. She’ll stun herself after this move.
Foot StompsJumps to the sky and lands on the edge of the stage (left or right) and starts stomping the ground, sending rockslides in the opposite direction. Stand on the opposite corner and react to each rockslide or fissure. When you try to dodge it by jumping, you should always jump straight up so they are easier to dodge. If the rock is too big, you should wall run up. If Berude slams the wall, you should crouch instead.
High JumpJumps to the sky and lands on the stage, firing two rockslides in both directions on her landing spot. Berude jumps high up and then lands on a specific area of the stage, so you move to the opposite end and try to time your jump to dodge the rocks.

Once you get into a few Berude fights, her attacks become easier and easier to dodge. Saving some health points is crucial in this stage if you want to progress further.

General Berude Fight Strategy in The Rogue Prince of Persia

After reading or skimming through Berude’s attacks, you need to find a way to deal damage. There’s only one optimal way to defeat Berude and it is by playing around the rocks she leaves behind.

When she goes on a tantrum and starts hopping around, she’ll eventually stop and leave two rocks, one to her left and one to her right. If you kick the rock toward Berude, she’ll get stunned, leaving a big window for you to deal damage.

In short, don’t think about trying to damage Berude while she’s doing her attacks. You only attack Berude when you have smashed the rock to her face, leaving her stunned and vulnerable.

She does a variety of attacks, so you have to wait patiently and dodge all her attacks. If you are struggling when it comes to dodging, make sure to check our parkour guide to help you duck and weave better.

For weapons, the best for this fight are the slow weapons such as the Broadsword or the Tabar. Bagh Nakh (dual claws) is probably the weakest here because this weapon shines against multiple weak enemies.

Other weapons are also decent, so it really depends on what the playthrough gives you.

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