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Best Way to Farm Hinox Toenails in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Take down these big boys to claim some toenails.

by Shaun Cichacki

As you make your way through the lands of Hyrule, there are countless types of enemies that you can encounter, but none give off quite the impression that the Hinox do. From their massive size to the hilarious music that plays behind them when battling against them in a brain versus brawn match, you’ll need to smash through these foes to claim plenty of Hinox Toenails. These are great in elixirs and potions but are also needed to upgrade specific types of armor, so let’s find out where you can find a Hinox and the easiest way to defeat them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Beat A Hinox In Tears Of The Kingdom

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While these creatures are large and intimidating, they’re actually one of the easier mini-bosses found throughout the lands. To bring them down, you’ll just need to pull a Christmas Story, aka shoot their eyes out. It’s a massive area to hit, and while they may occasionally close their massive eyelid to block a shot, this normally only happens if you are too close. Keep your distance and hit them in this weak spot to bring them crashing to the ground.

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You’re going to need to take some advice from Flo Rida here and give that big booty a smack. Get around to the rear of the Hinox and start smacking away to whittle down their health. No matter what color Hinox you encounter, this is going to do some devastating damage overall. Otherwise, you can try to hit them on the feet, but this method doesn’t always work. With the weaker Red Hinoxes, you may only need to do this two or three times before they explode into a pile of goodies.

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Once they have been defeated, a smattering of different weapons, alongside Hinox Parts will be available for you to grab. You can repeat this process while hunting down Hinox, or you can wait for the Blood Moon to rise once again and go back to a familiar spot. This Hinox, for example, was found at coordinates (2076, -1985, 0017) near Dueling Peaks Stables, and I can go back to fight it once again after it respawns. Or, if you don’t want to wait, you could always perform the Glider duplication exploit and get as many as you need right away. Visit a Great Fairy to upgrade your gear, or start cooking with critters to make some powerful elixirs that can give Link a few needed buffs.

Now that you know how to start farming toenails, make sure that you’re ready to explore the rest of Hyrule with our Tears of the Kingdom guides below. No matter if you’re searching for Kakariko Village or want to get a set of Tingle Armor of your own, we’ve got you covered in every way.

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