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How to Get More Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Never leave the quiver empty.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Arrows

Link needs everything at his disposal in Tears of the Kingdom if he’s going to finish his quest, and the bow is one of his most important tools throughout the game. However, the bow is only useful if you have some projectiles to go along, and it’s a never-ending task to get more arrows.

Between all of the combat encounters in the game and the puzzles that call for fused arrows with elemental effects, there is no way to avoid needing more arrows as time goes on. Let’s make sure Link’s quiver never runs dry and it’s only some new bows that are needed.

Tears of the Kingdom – Where to Find More Arrows

The first time you find a bow in the Great Sky Island portion of the game, there will be an enemy using the weapon with plenty of arrows scattered around. This is your first chance to find some arrows, but it doesn’t end here. Any enemies using a bow in the future will fire arrows that can be picked up, and they will even have stashes of arrows to steal as well.

That’s not the most reliable way to find more of these though. Instead, keep an eye out for the large wooden boxes and crates that are scattered around the map in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Central Hyrule is a great place to start looking for these crates. Sometimes the loot inside the boxes changes, but most of the time, there are individual arrows or an entire bundle that you can place in your inventory.

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Other locations for arrows in Tears of the Kingdom include tables, hidden chests, and even some shopkeepers will have the option to trade for the projectiles. Continue collecting gems as you explore Hyrule and trade for the arrows. I still haven’t run out of arrows myself, but if the time comes, trades are still available.

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