Best Story Campaign Level Order in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

For if you like things streamlined.

While you can beat the Paldea region’s various Gyms, Titan Pokemon, and Team Star Crews in any order you want, you shouldn’t – not if you don’t want your butt kicked, anyway. The Pokemon Company promotes the freedom to do whatever you want in Gen 9, but seriously, unless you’ve over-leveled your ‘mon, you’re better off sticking to a set path. Here is the best story campaign level order in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Which Story Order Path to Take in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This path combines Victory Road (Gyms), Path of Legends (Titan Pokemon), and Team Star Bases (Starfall Street) into one strict order to follow. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to follow it to a T but it will definitely help to avoid any misfortune. None of the three paths scale with your level in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, meaning if you head to Glaseado Gym at level 15, for example, you’re in for a world of hurt.

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If you’d rather do each path individually, here is the best order for all three:

If you do want to take one path with everything included in it though, this is the order you should take on the Paldea region in:

  1. Cortondo Gym: Bug-type leader Katy – level 14-15
  2. Artazon Gym: Grass-type leader Brassius – level 16-17
  3. Stony Cliff Titan (Rock) – level 15-20
  4. Open Sky Titan (Flying) – level 20-25
  5. Team Star Dark crew (Giacomo of the Segin Squad) – level 20, south of Cascarrafa
  6. Levincia Gym: Electric-type leader Iono – level 23-24
  7. Team Star Fire crew (Mela of the Schedar Squad) – level 26, north of Artazon
  8. Lurking Steel Titan (Steel) – level 25-30
  9. Cascarrafa Gym: Water-type leader Kofu – level 29-30
  10. Team Star Poison crew (Atticus of the Navi Squad) – level 32, Tagtree Thicket
  11. Medali Gym: Normal-type leader Larry – level 35-36
  12. Montenevera Gym: Ghost-type leader Ryme – level 41-42
  13. False Dragon Titan (Dragon) – level 40-45
  14. Alfornada Gym: Fairy-type leader Tulip – level 44-45
  15. Glaseado Gym: Ice-type leader Grusha – level 47-48
  16. Team Star Fairy crew (Ortega of the Ruchbah Squad) – level 50, North Province (Area Three)
  17. Quaking Earth Titan (Ground) – level 50-55
  18. Team Star Fighting crew (Eri of the Caph Squad) – level 56, North Province (Area Two)
  19. Unspecified Team Star boss fight (no spoilers) – level 60
  20. Team Star Leader (again, no spoilers) – level 65

Good luck, Trainers!

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