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Best Reticle Color and Settings in Apex Legends

Ready, aim, fire.

by Nikola Pajtic
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Apex Legends has plenty of customization options. You can even change the color of the crosshair you use in matches. This is not just about aesthetics, but also about giving you an advantage. Here is how to change the reticle color and some of the best color options in Apex Legends. 

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How to Change Reticle Color in Apex Legends

There are a couple of ways to change reticle color. The first is through the in-game menu, while the second is through different launchers that you use to start the FPS. 

In-Game Menu

  • Open Settings.
  • Find the ‘Gameplay’ section.
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘Reticle’ option.
  • Next to ‘Reticle’, you’ll see ‘Customize.’
  • Once you click ‘Customize,’ a new window will pop up where you can choose different colors. Also, you can use the slider to change the color or simply enter the RGB value in the box. 

Origin Launcher

  • Launch Origin and enter ‘My Game Library.’
  • Right-click Apex Legends and select the ‘Game Properties’ option.
  • Navigate to ‘Advanced Launch Options.’
  • Type +reticle_color "0 0 0" into the ‘Command line arguments’ section and enter the RGB Hex Code in the box.

Steam Launcher

  • Launch Steam and right-click on Apex Legends.
  • Select the ‘Properties’ option and scroll to ‘Launch Options.’
  • Enter +reticle_color "0 0 0" in the ‘LAUNCH OPTIONS’
  • Replace the ‘0’ with your desired RGB Hex code.

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What is the Best Recticle Color in Apex Legends? 

Avoid using yellow, blue, and red for your reticle as many in-game elements use the same color, making it difficult to see.

Your best option is lime green. It is very easy to spot and looks awesome, not to mention a number of professional players use this particular color. 

To get the Lime Green reticle, enter RGB Hex code 69,420,69.

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