Best MW2 Audio Settings for Competitive Play

How to optimize audio in the new Call of Duty.

Best MW2 Audio Settings for Competitive Play

Do you play the new Modern Warfare II? This year’s Call of Duty expectedly already has a huge player base deep into the multiplayer modes. In order to gain an advantage in such a competitive environment, you need to have a well-adjusted game, including very important audio feedback. Pro-players use headphones, but to get the most out of the audio in MW2 check out our recommended settings below.

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Best MW2 Audio Settings for Competitive Play

In order to gain a tactical advantage in competitive Call of Duty Modern Warfare II matches, it is important to have the right audio equipment. A good 5.1 system or hi-fi is a great option for a cinematic experience of the single-player campaign, but for multiplayer matches, it is much better to have a quality headset, ideally with 3D/spatial sound support. As for settings, it is best to set the audio as follows:

  • Master Volume – 100
  • Music Volume – All the day down to 0
  • Dialogue Volume – From 25 to 50
  • Sound Effects Volume – Keep it at 100
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects – Set to Modern Warfare
  • Audio Mix – Headphones
  • Killstreak Music – Set to On
  • Mono Audio – Set to Off
  • Speakers/Headphones Game Sound Device – Headphones

Although there is no option to amplify the sound of enemy footsteps, these settings will still allow you to focus more on the sound that actually gives you some advantage during competitive play. Of course, feel free to further fine-tune these settings in order to find the values that suit you best.

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