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Best Marvel Snap Decks With Deck Codes – May 2023

Not a Tier List, but...

The Marvel Snap meta has been shaken up with some cool new cards. And not just that, it was especially hit by frequent balance changes that were done by Second Dinner recently. We now have new contenders for the top spots in the Marvel Snap meta, as well as some old and well-refined decks. Let’s have a look at which Marvel Snap decks are in for May 2023.

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Top Decks in Marvel Snap in May 2023 – Deck Code List

Here are our picks for the best Marvel Snap Decks at this moment. You will have quite a few decks to choose from and try out some nice builds.

Good Cards Stature Deck in Marvel Snap – Deck Code

The “Good Cards” meme exists in many card games, where it’s assumed that you can just cram up good and expensive cards in your Deck and that it will just… work? This seems to be the case with this deck. There’s Stature, Jeff

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It’s a combination of a lot of different combos:

  • (Korg, Rock Slide, Darkhawk)
  • (Nightcrawler, Polaris, Miles Morales)
  • (Black Bolt, Stature)
  • (Zabu and five other 4-Cost cards)

Enchantress and Shang-Chi are there to disrupt big plays by your opponent as well. Of course, some players will try and add Howard the Duck and Iron Lad in here, or even Nebula. Here’s the Deck Code:


Sera Hit Monkey Deck in Marvel Snap – Deck Code

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A decent control deck that slowly builds up pace over time and can counter a lot of decks. No further comments are necessary.


Dracula and Morbius Discard Deck in Marvel Snap – Deck Code

Son, would you like to enjoy the RNG to the max? We did a report on MODOK decks a while ago, but now, there’s a new contender. This one runs without Hela! It solely relies on having Morbius and Dracula. You can swarm the board with Swarm copies, Sunspot will soak up unused Energy, and your final turn is basically a drop of America Chavez and all other junk (Swarm) so that Dracula can pitch Apocalypse. The lack of Ghost Rider is kind of eerie as a backup, but I understand the philosophy behind this deck. It’s a high-roll deck and you can win many games by outright surprising your opponents, and plus, your Invisible Woman -> Modok -> Hela combo will not be disrupted.

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Sera Silver Surfer Deck in Marvel Snap – Deck Code

Basically, a deck that annoys the hell out of your opponent with Goose, Scorpion, Juggernaut, Storm, Cosmo, and Killmonger until Turn 5, when Sera drops, and the show begins. The deck can produce a lot of burst power with Silver Surfer and Nova+Killmonger. It’s easy to play and you already basically know if you won or lost when Turn 6 begins. You either have the resources or you don’t.

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Devil Dinosaur Darkhawk Deck in Marvel Snap – Deck Code

A variant of this deck brought me to Infinite last season. The goal is to pump up Devil Dinosaur and/or Darkhawk and copy them with the likes of Moon Girl and Mystique. It’s a tough deck to pilot until you learn how the engine flows, because a lot of times, you can get your hand stuck with too many cards, disabling further draws from the deck. Agent Coulson delivers unexpected results a lot of times, and in most cases, he’s just hand-size fodder. I honestly ran Sera or even Kang as a meme. People get scared and do not know what to expect. Sera opens up Devil Dinosaur + Mystique finisher (13 and 10 Power on full hand). Cost reduction is broken in any card game.

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Those are the five decks that we feel are the best out of many. They provide a lot of consistency and are mostly fun to play.

Make sure to check out our other Marvel Snap content at the game tag below. See you soon at Prima Games!

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