Marvel Snap: Jeff the Baby Land Shark – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

His name is Jeff!

Marvel Snap has decided to add one of the cutest cards so far in the game, and his name’s Jeff, the Baby Land Shark. Marvel Snap, realistically speaking, won’t run out of new characters to put in the game due to how rich the Marvel Universe is, but it seems that Second Dinner has already used up most of.. let’s say the Top 100 most popular Marvel characters? We’ll see what unfolds in the future, but for now, let’s review Jeff the Baby Land Shark in a short showcase, and maybe check out some synergies, decks, and counters for Jeff the Baby Land Shark in Marvel Snap. Welcome to Prima Games.

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What’s the Effect of the new Marvel Snap Card Jeff the Baby Land Shark? – Answered

Jeff is a 2-Cost 3-Power card with a pretty neat effect.

You can move this once. Nothing can stop you from moving or playing this to any location.

Image via Second Dinner

You can play it right away on Turn 2, or, if you have another 2-Drop (or two 1-Drops) play it later to mess with your opponent and his false belief that some Location restrictions actually work 100% of the time.

Is Jeff the Baby Land Shark Good in Marvel Snap?

Well, I’d say Jeff is pretty good. It’s too early to tell though, but I have a belief that given the number of new Locations with restrictions in Marvel Snap, I guess that Jeff will see some play as tech. The problem is, everyone will constantly need to play around him out of fear. So, that Location you have on lockdown with Professor X with a 3:0 score in your favor doesn’t mean anything.

Best Jeff the Baby Land Shark Decks in Marvel Snap

I can’t really put my finger on which decks would be best for Jeff the Baby Land Shark, but a couple of things come to mind:

  • Move Decks, because of that Nightcrawler-like ability.
  • Professor X Decks, because, y’know, general annoyance you can produce with Jeff.
  • Any Deck that can fit a 2-Drop in it (perhaps, replacing Lizard?). 2-Drop ain’t vulnerable to Killmonger, and when I started out with Marvel Snap, Nightcrawler’s ability was busted, so let’s go for this. It’s a great deposit on Turn 2, because three Power can tip the scale on another Location.

What are Good Counters and Synergies for Jeff the Baby Land Shark in Marvel Snap?

Well, the only actual counter is to be prepared for Jeff on Turn 6. You need to put him in your maths. As the card text says, you can’t really stop him. I still believe this effect is more suitable for Kitty Pryde, which had a mechanical fallout in Marvel Snap.

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Should I Buy Jeff the Baby Land Shark in the Token Store?

Totally, if you do not have anything of bigger priority. Given the recent news and the compensation Second Dinner is issuing, buy it, and if it starts causing problems with its effect, you’ll get compensation.

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