Best Leaders and Talents in Warcraft Rumble

Every leader and talent you should main in the hit mobile game!

Warcraft Rumble Leaders
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Warcraft Rumble genuinely took the world by storm as an entertaining mobile game to pass the time just about anywhere you can imagine, but it’s also birthed new fans of long-time legendary heroes from the Warcraft world. Here are the best leaders and talents in Warcraft Rumble!

The Best Leaders in Warcraft Rumble

By choosing the best leaders in Warcraft Rumble, like Baron Rivendare or Rend Blackhand, you position yourself for success in both PvE and PvP. And if you select the right talents, you will become unstoppable in the arena.

These are the best leaders and talents in Warcraft Rumble!

Baron Rivendare

When tackling any game mode in Warcraft Rumble, no other leader compares to Baron Rivendare, the Death Knight. He’s a tank-like character capable of summoning mobs to help him in combat while controlling much of the map solo.

It’s those summons that make the most difference. Thanks to his best talent, Chill of the Grave, his minions allow him to bring forth Skeletal Mages, help control lanes, and provide debuffs during combat.

Tirion Fordring

With significant damage, DPS, health, and excellent healing capabilities, Tirion Fordring is the ideal single-target melee user in Warcraft Rumble. He’s armored, which means he takes 50% less physical damage. Plus, a healer. He can heal nearby friendlies.

As for his best talent of the many available, I recommend using By The Light, which leans into the healer gameplay. It will heal a target for twice the usual amount of health. You can keep friendly units and players in the fight longer, keeping the pressure on the enemy.

Image of Warcraft Rumble units standing on a Dungeon Relic.
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Rend Blackhand

If you prefer to use highly mobile leaders in Warcraft Rumble, Rend Blackhand of Blackrock is most effective at dealing area-of-effect damage against squads and high damage against melee units. He deals elemental damage as icing on the cake, making him quite the force.

When it comes to his best talent, you really should use Legionnaire. When you take damage, Rend will dismount his Drake, which will continue fighting the enemies for you, doubling your attack power to control the field.

Grommash Hellscream

As an Orc-main in World of Warcraft, I’m somewhat biased by including Grommash Hellscream. He’s also one of the most formidable single-target melee leaders in Warcraft Rumble. For the Horde!, his ability provides a significant buff to movement and attack speed to all nearby units, including himself, to help dominate lanes.

As for his best talent, you can’t go wrong with Bladestorm, an area-of-effect attack that harms every nearby enemy in one swift blow.


And lastly, representing the Beast faction, we have Hogger. He’s an area-of-effect melee fighter with an extraordinary health pool, capable of dealing direct melee damage to ranged units and AOE to squads while soaking up any damage from towers.

As for his best talent, it’s recommended that you use Ham Hock. It increases Hogger’s health pool by 10% each time he’s played, which, with an already staggering 1120 health, makes for an absolute tank on the field.

Warcraft Rumble is an exciting mobile game, completely free to play, and we’re here to help you excel at its gameplay. For instance, you might wish to learn about the best Dungeon Relics!

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