Best Warcraft Rumble Grommash Build

Going full Horde.

Image of Grommash and Horde Minis in Warcraft Rumble.

For diehard Horde fans, Grommash Hellscream could be the perfect unit to lead an army in Warcraft Rumble. Here’s the best Warcraft Rumble Grommash build if you want to smash your way to victory with this hardened warrior.

All Traits, Talents, and Leader Ability for Grommash in Warcraft Rumble

Grommash Hellscream in Warcraft Rumble is a Horde melee Leader strong against AoE and ranged units. He’s also a tanky unit with high health, making Grommash a good Leader for soaking up Tower damage. 

Due to his Horde background, Grommash has two unique Traits called “Bloodlust” and “For the Horde!” Whenever he’s near friendly units, his For the Horde! Trait activates and gives all units Bloodlust, a buff that provides units +33% movement and attack speed. The following is a list of Talents you can select for Grommash:

  • Savage Strikes: Deal double damage to enemies who are below 50% health.
  • Bladestorm: Gain an AOE bladespin ability that damages all nearby enemies.
  • Mirror Image: Summon two fragile mirror images when entering combat.

 Best Warcraft Rumble Grommash Build

If Grommash is your Leader, your deck will have two fixed Horde slots, one Squad slot, and three bottom slots available for Unbound, Cycle, Ranged, Fast, Flying, Spell, and Horde units. Elemental, Tank, and Siege units are excluded from Grommash decks in Warcraft Rumble.

As for the best build for Grommash, players have found the most success with Execute, Frostwolf Shaman, Skeletons, Pyromancer, Gryphon Rider, and Ghoul. With this build, you can take advantage of Grommash’s Bloodlust Trait by slowly pushing down lanes together with your units. 

Trading back and forth with your opponent will be the norm for this build, so don’t expect a super aggressive or defensive playstyle. It’s also beginner-friendly and will become powerful late into a match as long as you continue buffing your army and countering hard pushes against you. If going full Horde isn’t your style, check out our guide on the best build for Baron in Warcraft Rumble.

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