Best Build & Talents for Rend Blackhand in Warcraft Rumble

Okay, Rend is cheating. He's two units in one.

Image of Warcraft Rumble units standing on a Dungeon Relic.
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For those just starting Warcraft Rumble who chose Rend Blackhand, the Flying Leader is one of the best early characters to conquer many campaign challenges. Here’s a guide discussing the best deck build and talents you should use for Rend Blackhand in Warcraft Rumble.

Warcraft Rumble: Rend Blackhand Traits, Talents, and Leader Ability

Rend Blackhand is a Flying Blackrock Faction Leader mounted on his Drake called Gyth that he can dismount after getting defeated. Furthermore, Rend is strong against Armored units, attacks with Elemental AoE damage, and can use a Leader skill to make other Flying troops cost one Gold less to summon on the battlefield.

As usual for Flying units, he’s weak to Ranged characters and isn’t strong enough to fly solo, so supporting him with allies will be crucial. Below is a list of his Talents in Warcraft Rumble:

  • Scale and Steel: Gain Resistant while flying to reduce Elemental damage by 50% and Armored while dismounted to decrease Physical damage by 50%.
  • Flaming Soul: Cast Living Bomb upon dismounting, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Legionnaire: Dismount when first taking damage. The Gyth continues fighting. 

Best Build & Talents for Rend Blackhand in Warcraft Rumble

Rend Blackhand is a fairly simple Leader to build in Warcraft Rumble. As for the best deck, I’d recommend using Gargoyle, Harpies, Earth Elemental, Drake, Quilboar, and S.A.F.E Pilot.

The build gives you four other Flying units to benefit from Rend’s Leader ability, while Quilboar acts as your tank/ground unit to open chests or hold off specific units.

Additionally, it’s a given that Scale and Steel is Rend Blackhand’s best Talent since it provides the Leader with necessary buffs for survivability needed for a Flying unit. The other Talents help him deal more damage, but it’s far more useful that Rend can take hits and stay in the battle longer. That said, don’t be afraid to try new combinations with different units to see what’s the most fun for you. 

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