Best WarCraft Rumble Tirion Build

This silver fox just needs an entire heal squad to clear any level

WarCraft Rumble is a highly addictive tower defense game, and your minis and leader choice will decide whether you win or lose a push. Here’s the best WarCraft Rumble Tirion build.

Best WarCraft Rumble Tirion Build

Tirion is an Alliance Leader that specializes in devastating one opponent at a time. And it’s very possible for him to single-handedly storm through a level and devastate a boss in no time at all. But to do that, he’s going to need plenty of support.

Here are the ideal troops you want for a Tirion-based build:

  • Tirion, Alliance Leader.
  • Abomination, Undead Melee unit.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot, Alliance Ranged unit.
  • Banshee, Undead Ranged unit.
  • Frostwolf Shaman, Horde Ranged unit.
  • Flamewaker, Blackrock Ranged unit.
  • Holy Nova, Alliance Spell.

Each unit provides a function that lets Tirion see his most value while protecting your more vulnerable rows. Here’s how it works.

Creating the Push with a Tirion Build in WarCraft Rumble

The goal is to put Tirion down immediately and have a small hospital’s worth of medics behind him as he tromps through the map. Frostwolf Shaman, capable of healing friendly units, is our go-to medic. Abomination should be added into the mix to add some extra shields to Tirion to ensure he makes it to the finish line.

Place Tirion in the furthest corner of the map, away from the boss, to give yourself enough time to build up his support team.

Likewise, Holy Nova will be used to heal. But as you invest in Holy Nova’s levels, grab the Amplify Magic talent. While it seems like an off-meta choice, this will give you the coverage you need to destroy a problematic enemy unit while keeping your troops topped up and healed.

What it should look like is Tirion with several Frostwolf Shaman following behind him, marching towards the boss. Be sure to use Holy Nova when necessary to prevent any deaths.

Protecting the Tower in a Tirion Build in WarCraft Rumble

While Tirion is on the warpath, you must keep your towers protected. That’s where every other troop in your arsenal comes into play.

Screenshots by Prima Games

Flamewalker is a unit you’ll get very early on, and it’s a very powerful mini. Place it as close as possible to your tower when you see that it’s about to get swarmed.

But if you see that your Tower is about to be beset by flying units, S.A.F.E. Pilot is an excellent way to clip their wings.

Finally, Banshee is used to supplement Flamewalker if all else fails. She’s also an excellent mini to run interference against Abomination or Tower Chargers, as she can possess them. It’s well worth the gold to ensure you don’t have to deal with these enemy units.

And if things are going very well, you can opt to use your Tower Defenders as offensive units. Send one or two after Tirion and his support team to add a little extra DPS. But don’t over-commit, and have faith that Tirion’s fantastic cleave will see your team to the finish line.

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