Best Dungeon Relics in Warcraft Rumble

A Relic can make all the difference inside a dungeon.

Image of Warcraft Rumble units standing on a Dungeon Relic.
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Dungeon Relics in Warcraft Rumble will provide your army or individual units with meaning boons, giving enough edge needed to snatch victory. Knowing how important they can be, here are the best dungeon Relics we’d advise using for most decks in Warcraft Rumble.

How Dungeon Relics Work in Warcraft Rumble

Once you hit a certain level in Warcraft Rumble, you’ll get to challenge dungeons – a series of three maps – and select Relics to boost your army before starting each map. Dungeons are weekly content where your Family Leader rotates every week, so you’ll have to figure out what the best Relics to use are depending on your Leader regularly.

According to Blizzard’s latest Warcraft Rumble panel, Relics can be applied to an individual unit, as a buff to the whole army, or a smaller portion of your crew. In total, three Relics can be stacked, one for each of the three levels of the dungeon.

One Relic can make flying Minis gain the Poison status on their attacks, while another reduces the cost of Spells by one. As significant as they are, being limited in how many you can select can make all the difference in you finishing a dungeon from start to finish.   

Best Dungeon Relics in Warcraft Rumble

With over 60 Relics to choose from in Warcraft Rumble, it’s no wonder players get choice paralysis over what’s best to use. To help you decide, here are 12 of the best picks we’d recommend you try:

  • Band of the Arcanist: Spells cost one less, but no less than one.
  • Gauntlets of Determination: Your Leader gains one level each time they are developed.
  • Aegis of Recovery: Deploying your Leader heals all your Alliance Minis by 50%
  • Aegis of Battle: Horde Minis near your Leader have a chance to critical strike for double damage.
  • Aegis of Bone: Undead Minis near your Leader gain Armor.
  • Aegis of Primal Rage: Beast Minis near your Leader deal 30% more damage.
  • Aegis of Scales: Deploying your Leader applies Vulnerability to all enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Auctioneer’s Contract: Each Gold you mine partially heal your Towers and Base.
  • Band of the Protector: Tank Minis cost one less, but no less than one.
  • Divine Parchment: Deploying your Leader grans a shield to nearby allies, absorbing one attack.
  • Unstable Concoction: On death, your Minis explode, damaging nearby enemies and Poisoning them.
  • Troll’s Blood Potion: Allies near your Towers, Barracks, and Meeting Stones are periodically healed.

For the most part, the best dungeon Relics either have a strong general use for most decks or are a bit more specific toward the type of Leader you use, whether that be a tanky character or Horde damage dealer. Because of that, you’ll likely use one of these Relics above in combination with others with gimmicky requirements, so consider testing out our picks and see what works best for you.

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