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Best Dual Blades Build in Monster Hunter Rise

The speed demon.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Dual Blades

One of the most popular weapon choices in Monster Hunter Rise is the Dual Blades and this has been true throughout most of the franchise. It goes without saying that players love picking these up for the sheer damage and speed that the weapon set provides against each monster.

Even with so much potential on the weapon set, we need to utilize a decent build. It never hurts to have more damage or skills in Monster Hunter Rise and a build can do just that. This guide will outline the armor you need, the best specific Dual Blades, and some decorations that you can utilize.

Monster Hunter Rise – Best Dual Blades Build

Our main build will be focused on High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise. You can look at the parts we’re using and supplement them for similar skills in Low Rank in order to follow a similar build. But you don’t want to spend too much time on a complicated build until High Rank with plenty of decorations. All the parts you need are listed below.

Dual Blades Build MHR:

  • Kaiser Crown – Critical Eye and Critical Boost (1 decoration slot)
  • Vaik Mail S – No Skills (3 decoration slots)
  • Valstrax Braces – Weakness Exploit and Dragonheart (1 decoration slot)
  • Anjanath Coil S -Attack Boost (3 decoration slots)
  • Ingot Greaves S – Attack Boost and Critical Eye (1 decoration slot)
  • Talisman – Constitution or Critical Eye
  • Night Wings (weapon) – 40% Affinity

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As for the decorations we want to focus on in this build, there are a few options. Players should prioritize Attack Jewels, Critical Jewels, Expert Jewels, and Grinder Jewels. Each one of these options will either boost damage in some form or keep your Dual Blades sharp for every hunt in Monster Hunter Rise.

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