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Best Controller Settings for Hogwarts Legacy

The controller is your wand!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Controller

Hogwarts Legacy can be played with a keyboard and mouse or a controller, and considering how large the player base is bound to be, controllers will likely be the most popular. The game already feels great with a DualSense in hand, but having the right controller settings can make all the difference.

There are a decent amount of controller options within the game, along with performance settings, so there is a lot we can change. We don’t want to go overboard though. Good controller settings in Hogwarts Legacy are about the balance between what already works and some minor changes.

Hogwarts Legacy – Best Controller Settings

Everyone will have the same button layout for their controllers because there is no way to change it. You can find the layout within the settings, but it’s for viewing only. With that said, the controller settings in Hogwarts Legacy focus on the camera and mechanics rather than the buttons, which are already fairly good. Below you can find the full list of settings and the options applied to them.

Best Controller Settings Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Controller Vibration – Optional
  • Motion Sensor Function – Off
  • Invert Camera X-Axis – Off
  • Invert Camera Y-Axis – Off
  • Invert Flight Controls – Option (off by default)
  • Camera-Relative Targeting – On
  • Camera Sensitivity – 1
  • Aiming Sensitivity – 1
  • Camera Acceleration – 1
  • Aiming Acceleration – 1
  • Follow Camera Speed – 1

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Two of the settings above can be pretty subjective. The first is the sensitivity and acceleration overall. In the default “1” setting, it feels fantastic, but some players may want to move the camera faster and that’s certainly alright. The other setting is the targeting, and camera-relative allows us to more accurately pinpoint targets in view. However, turning it off allows for off-screen targeting. It’s all preference in Hogwarts Legacy, however, we still recommend the relative targeting for your controller settings.

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