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Best Build Theories for Faruzan in Genshin Impact: Weapons, Artifacts & Talent Focus

Finally, a Hoyoverse collab with Vocaloid.

by Jordan Lemons

Rejoice, because Hoyoverse is introducing its second collaboration, this time with Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len. Although Mika won’t be playable for some time, Faruzan will be on the Wanderer’s and Itto’s banner in her first debut. A senior scholar who takes her status as senior way too seriously. Having been trapped in a catacomb for several centuries, gaining immortality after studying the wrong puzzle, she’s back to her position at the Academia and insists on taking the Traveler on as her newest student. I can’t wait for this hangout. Here are the best build theories for Faruzan in Genshin Impact.

Best Build Theories for Faruzan in Genshin Impact

Below is a breakdown of our recommended build theories for Faruzan.

Skill and Burst – Anemo Booster

Faruzan’s kit closely resembles Kujou Sara’s back in Inazuma. The way she will be used is quite similar, where you will use her Elemental Skill to prepare her next charged shot. Dubbed the Wind Realm of Nasamjnin, Faruzan’s Elemental Skill will deal AOE Anemo damage to nearby enemies, but will also charge her next fully charged Aimed Shot for her next attack. Whether it hits an enemy, the ground, or a tree, the hit will trigger Pressurized Collapse, creating a small vortex that absorbs all enemies to that one point for a short time. Although this does involve Faruzan dealing a charged attack with her bow, all damage that comes from the Pressurized Collapse will be considered Elemental Skill Damage.

For Faruzan’s Burst, The Wind’s Secret Ways, she releases a giant Polyhedron that floats around the field of battle. While its pattern looks a little random, just like Faruzan, it follows a geometric pattern. Nothing too complicated, just in the shape of a triangle. While also dealing Anemo damage, the Polyhedron will occasionally let out bursts of Whirlwind Pulse that will decrease enemies’ Anemo Resistance, and if there are characters within the range, will boost the damage bonus for Anemo-dealing characters.

Weapons – Focusing on Base Attack

Faruzan’s build, however, is not like Kujou Sara, but resembles good ole Bennett. Peculiar as a support because there is no stat that she builds off on, other characters have HP to either boost their healing or Elemental Master to boost their attack and damage. Faruzan doesn’t do either of that, but similar to Bennett, one thing you can focus on is giving her a weapon that has a high base attack.

Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns unlocks at Faruzan’s Phase 4 Ascension and will boost the character’s damage done by Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts. While the Wind’s Secret Ways Polyhedron rotates around the field, it will give your characters their buff as well as the Hurricane Guard effect that will boost the damage dealt by 32 percent of Faruzan’s base attack. This is why choosing the weapon will become so important.

Achieving a high base attack for your weapon often results in giving the character’s a Five-star weapon with Elegy of the End being the best since it will boost Elemental Mastery and Attack. Skyward Harp would be the best for her Base Attack since, at its highest level, it quashes all other bows at 674. But unless you’re willing to tear Skyward Harp away from your DPS’, then here is the list of weapons you can use that achieve a high base attack and fall into the four-star category.

Weapons at 565 Base Attack:

  • Alley Hunter
  • Blackcliff Warbow
  • Fading Twilight
  • Mounn’s Moon
  • Sacrificial Bow

The only issue with this list is that these bows may not all be readily available for all players – only Sacrificial is the free-to-play bow that you can get in just about any banner. Alley Hunter and Mounn’s Moon are peculiar because they can only be pulled through the Weapon’s Banner, and it is not certain that you are going to get them. However, if they are in your inventory, then these weapons will indeed be perfect for Faruzan. Although the Blackcliff Warbow is easier to get if you’re better at saving for the weapons available at Paimon’s Bargain’s, the best option on this list would have to be Fading Twilight. With a high base attack and Energy Recharge as its main stat, this bow can increase damage by 12 percent, 20 percent, or 28 percent at its highest refinement, changing between the three stats respectively on the attacks that hit enemies. This weapon was available for a short time during the Perilous Trail event and its refinement material was available for players to get it to its max refinement. 

Close seconds of weapons that fall into the base attack of 510 are the End of the Line, Stringless, and Windblume Ode. These would work best for Faruzan because of the mix of Elemental Mastery and the boosts to attack or Elemental Skill and Bursts. Stringless is a classic that works on many support characters, boosting Elemental Skill and Burst to better aid even when she isn’t on the field. As an Anemo, Elemental Mastery will never go wrong on her. End of the Line is a new bow that is available for trading fish at the Sumeru Fishing Association. You can also exchange your catches for the refinement material so that its effects are boosted. Windblume Ode is a peculiar weapon that was available as a free-to-play bow for Venti during its limited-time run and had its refinement material available in the shop. With the main stat of Elemental Mastery, and a boost in attack after an Elemental Skill is used, Faruzan’s charged shot can do more damage when fired.

Artifact Sets

Screenshot from Genshin Impact Youtube Character Demo – “Faruzan: Master of Ingenious Devices”

Faruzan has a couple of artifact sets that will work for her, the primary one being a mix of Attack and Anemo damage. You’ll balance out two to three artifacts of Gladiator’s, Vermillion Hereafter, or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence to boost Faruzan’s attack by 18 percent with two to three artifacts of either Viridescent Venerer or Desert Pavilion Chronicle to achieve an additional 15 percent in Anemo damage. 

As a support, Faruzan will do well with Noblesse Oblige at two pieces, it’ll increase her Elemental Burst damage by 20 percent and at four pieces, it’ll increase the attack percentage of everyone in the party after she uses her Elemental Burst. But in a way that is like Dori, Faruzan could also benefit from the Emblem of the Severed Fate. She requires a lot of Energy Recharge so that she can upkeep her Bursts for the primary DPS, but this set also allows for you to do damage based on her Energy Recharge accumulated. At two pieces, the set will increase Faruzan’s Energy Recharge by 20 percent, and at four pieces, her Elemental Burst will have increased damage by 25 percent of her accumulated Energy Recharge with a max of 75 percent more damage being achieved in this way. 

Artifact Stats – Support and Damage Dealing

Depending on which combination you’ve focused on, Faruzan’s main stats will differ. On a mixed set of Anemo damage and boosted Attack, Faruzan’s Sands will best be set at Attack Percentage, her Goblet as Anemo Damage Bonus, and her Crown at either Crit Rate or Crit Damage. Built similarly to a DPS, you’ll want to focus your sub-stats on Attack, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage. 

If you’re looking into more of a support build then we recommend that you build Faruzan Energy Recharge on all of her artifacts with an Anemo Damage Bonus for her Goblet. For sub-stats, you’ll want to focus on more Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, and Attack. For your Crit ratio, you’ll want to keep to a 1:2 as usual just to make sure that you are doing consistent damage for Faruzan’s attacks, Skill, and Burst. This support build is perhaps the most important to keep to if you’re going to be using Emblem of the Severed Fate, since it’ll only increase Faruzan’s Burst damage by building into her Energy Recharge. It’ll only help with your team’s output of Skills and Bursts by consistently rotating energy points, especially the farther you get with some of Faruzan’s constellations. 

Talent Focus

As a supporting character, it isn’t entirely necessary that you build up all of Faruzan’s talents. Even her Elemental Skill that depends on one of her charged shots will deal damage that is based on her Elemental Skill Level and not her Normal Attack Damage. While increasing the talent level of Faruzan’s Normal Attack will increase the damage her individual shots do, as well as her Anemo shot once it’s fully charged, it may not need to be as high a priority as her Skill and Burst.

Your top priority is going to be increasing Faruzan’s Burst and then her Skill closely after. Her Burst will increase the damage that is dealt for Anemo Boost and the Anemo Resistance, so its two buffs are going to be more valuable than her Skill. And while not a Kazuha or a Sucrose, she may be a viable substitute by providing a vortex for characters such as the Wanderer, who will be able to attack with ranged attacks, out of the way of enemies. Though, it’s often hard trying to get enemies in a close enough area to where you are effectively doing damage to all of them. 

Faruzan will be an exciting unit to have on the team, especially with an Anemo DPS. She’ll complement the Wanderer, DPS Kazuha, Xiao, and Heizou, finally making an Anemo Mono team fun and viable.

Jordan Lemons

Jordan is a college student jumping into the world of gaming journalism. Some of her favorite games would include but are most certainly not limited to Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney, and Danganronpa.