Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Easily Complete the Chamber of Courage (BG3)

Time to shove some monsters off a cliff

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Complete Wyrmway Chamber of Courage (BG3)

Beneath the earth of the Wyrm’s Rock Prison is, at least as legend has it, a sleeping bronze dragon. But to wake it, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges. One of which is the Chamber of Courage, which can give you some trouble unless you utilize a few tricks.

Your goal in the Chamber of Courage is to keep a torch from being blown out by a variety of Air and Water Elementals and Myrmidons. You’ll need to do this for four rounds.

Each round, two new enemies will spawn. The first two rounds will have one Air Elemental and one Water Elemental each. The last two rounds will summon one Air Myrmidon and one Water Myrmidons each.

Now, here’s the easiest way to handle this fight. First, make sure it’s a long-range weapon user that’s holding the torch. You can do this by having them interact with the statue of Balduran before the fight begins. Next, position them away from the other three characters, who you’ll want in the middle of the arena. These three characters are there to draw aggro and have the best position possible to kill all the enemies.

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Next, I can’t overemphasize how well magic performs here. Eldritch Blast with push (honestly, any magic spell that can push or throw back an enemy) does amazing. That’s because the platform you’re fighting on is very small, and the Elementals and Myrmidons will go flying, usually off a ledge, killing them instantly.

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If you don’t have a push spell, using an Electricity spell like Witch Bolt is also fantastic because of how much water there is on the map. The entire outer perimeter is wet, making it very easy to shock these enemies and keep them from moving.

If you don’t have any magic casters, a Fighter is also fantastic. Use Haste or a Potion of Speed on them to give them as many attacks as possible. But a character who can also use Goad, thus luring enemy attention, is also good.

With these strategies, you can make very quick work of this challenge.

And with that done, it’s time to head to the Chamber of Justice. And this, like the Chamber of Courage, can easily be completed with the right skills.

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