Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve the Chamber of Justice in the Wyrmway (BG3)

Lex talionis indeed.

The Chamber of Justice seems, at first glance, like a difficult puzzle. But with the right skill (or scroll) in place, you can make quick work of it. Here’s how to easily solve the Chamber of Justice Puzzle in Wyrmway in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Baldur’s Gate 3: Wyrmway Chamber of Justice Puzzle Solution (BG3)

 Once you enter the Chamber of Justice, you’ll see that there’s a grim shape in the center. This is The Judge, who has the status effect aptly named “Shroud of Dark Justice”. This shroud is preventing us from examining the paintings, which we’ll need to see and interact with to complete the puzzle.

Here’s how to dispel the Shroud of Dark Justice and make the Judge go away.

Use any Remove Curse spell or scroll on the Judge. Yes, it’s that easy. The Shroud of Dark Justice, despite looking very ominous, is just a curse. If you don’t have a scroll on hand, I highly recommend you bring Shadowheart to the puzzle. By now, she should have the spell.

You can have her equip it by going into her inventory, then selecting “Spell book” at the very top of her menu. The icon is a book, and it’s right above the bar that says her level. You don’t even need to take a long rest for her to prepare it!

Once you’ve banished the judge, you can look at the paintings. You need to select the only painting that shows justice. Seven of eight (several are on the wall) depict some form of corruption or “justice” gone too far. Or at the very least, provide some context as to why the other paintings are not correct.  

The painting you should select is The Cell.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Select it as if you were going to examine it. Then, choose Pick Up. Next, interact with the “Empty Niche” next to the ritual circle.

Screenshots by Prima Games

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A menu will pop up. Open your inventory and drag the painting of The Cell into it. The statue will compliment you on being a Paragon of Justice for recognizing when the punishment fits the crime.


If you haven’t finished the Chamber of Courage, you might find that it puts your ability to strategize to the test. Fortunately, there’s a really easy way to complete it.

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