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baldur feature image in the chamber of justice

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve the Chamber of Justice in the Wyrmway (BG3)

Lex talionis indeed.

The Chamber of Justice seems, at first glance, like a difficult puzzle. But with the right skill (or scroll) you can easily solve the Chamber of Justice Puzzle in Wyrmway in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Get into the Wyrmway and Find the Chamber of Justice in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Chamber of Justice is the second room in the Legend of Ansur questline, which you gain after completing Rescue the Grand Duke. The Duke must be alive, and you must speak to him at your camp to get this quest. To get the Rescue the Grand Duke quest, you must speak to Mizora after she appears in your camp once you reach Lower City.


Don’t worry if the Duke is dead. You can access this dungeon at any time, so long as you know how to get inside.

To get into the Wyrmway, you must go to Wyrm’s Rock Prison. You can also find the imprisoned Counsellor Florrick in Wyrm’s Rock Prison, and it’s highly recommended that you save her for the final confrontation.

To find the entrance to the dungeon, head down into the prison normally. You can pickpocket the sleeping guard to get the key to the front entrance, speak to her and persuade her to let you in or lockpick your way in. Once you’re inside, turn immediately left, where you’ll find yourself at a dead end.

On the wall will be two torches unlike any other in the prison. These are Dragonhead torches. And to open up the entrance, you’ll need to electrify them.

Witch Bolt is a good option for this. Keep electrifying the Dragon Head torch until it’s blue. Witch Bolt can be learned by Sorcerers, Warlocks, Wizards, Arcane Trickster Rogues, and Eldritch Knight Fighters. Alternatively, you can find this spell as a scroll.

Once one torch is blue, electrify the next Dragonhead torch. Doing so will open the door.

To find the Chamber of Justice in the Wyrmway go left to the large locked doors. It’s an open area and hard to miss.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Wyrmway Chamber of Justice Puzzle Solution (BG3)

Once you enter the Chamber of Justice, you’ll see a grim shape in the center. This is The Judge, who has the status effect aptly named “Shroud of Dark Justice.” This shroud prevents us from examining the paintings, which we’ll need to see and interact with to complete the puzzle.

Here’s how to dispel the Shroud of Dark Justice and make the Judge go away.

Use any Remove Curse spell or scroll on the Judge. Yes, it’s that easy. Despite looking very ominous, the Shroud of Dark Justice is just a curse. If you don’t have a scroll, I highly recommend bringing Shadowheart to the puzzle. By now, she should have the spell.


If Shadowheart isn’t in your party or she isn’t a Cleric, other options include recruiting a Cleric from Withers as a Hireling or having a Warlock like Wyll, a Wizard like Gale, or a Paladin like Minthara use it.

You can have her equip it by going into her inventory, then selecting “Spell book” at the very top of her menu. The icon is a book, and it’s right above the bar that says her level. You don’t even need to take a long rest for her to prepare it!

Once you’ve banished the judge, you can look at the paintings. You need to select the only painting that shows justice. Seven of eight (several are on the wall) depict some form of corruption or “justice” gone too far. Or, at the very least, provide some context as to why the other paintings are not correct.  

The painting you should select is The Cell.

The correct painting
Screenshot by Prima Games

Select it as if you were going to examine it. Then, choose Pick Up. Next, interact with the “Empty Niche” next to the ritual circle.

the empty niche
Screenshots by Prima Games

A menu will pop up. Open your inventory and drag the painting of The Cell into it. The statue will compliment you on being a Paragon of Justice for recognizing when the punishment fits the crime.



It seems like there’s no limit to the creative ways to kill the judge. If you don’t have a way to cast “Remove Spell,” have Jaheira and Karlach throw plate armors at the judge until it dies. (Tavern Brawler damage can hit through its invulnerability.) Or, try turning the judge into a sheep.

All Wyrmway Trials in BG3

The Chamber of Insight is just one of four chambers you’ll have to conquer to prove your worth and enter the main doors. Here are all the Chambers you’ll need to tackle in the order they’re unlocked:

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