Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve the Chamber of Insight in the Wyrmway (BG3)

Suplex those books.

Balduran was a good lead for many reasons. Not only was he a fearsome warrior, he knew how to lead his city. And he did that by guarding against threats that came from within. That’s the basis of the Chamber of Insight puzzle. Here’s how to solve the Chamber of Insight puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Easily Solve the Chamber of Insight Puzzle

If you’re not sure where the final Chamber is in the Wyrmway, look no further than to the left of the locked doors. There, you’ll see a chasm. But there’s an invisible path that leads to the last chamber. Just walk across, and you’ll find yourself in the Chamber of Insights.

Speak to the Statue of Balduran, and he’ll tell you to strike down the enemy of the city. You’re given three options: Suleto, Amaps, and Stedd. To make your selection, use a spell or shoot the person you believe is the traitor.

To find out who this is, you’re meant to approach the library downstairs and examine the books. Or you could just shoot Suleto, ending the trial in three seconds.

But if you want to do it legitimately, you’ll find several books flying around. To stop them, enter turn base mode. Press the button that will then allow you to examine the book and choose “throw” from the options.

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If you succeed on an athletic roll, the book will hit the ground and cease movement. This will allow you to read it.  

In doing so, you’ll find that Amaps and Stedd are righteous people. But Suleto turned cruel after her exile, making her the traitor in their midst.

And… that’s it! If you haven’t completed the other three trials, they can be completed just as easily as this one. Assuming you know the trick to it, of course. But my favorite has to be the Chamber of Strategy, which almost feels like it’s meant to be a shared joke between the developers and the player.

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