Are There Any Secret Bosses in Super Mario RPG? – Answered

Some secrets are better kept than others.

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Does the Super Mario RPG remake have any secret bosses? We have the answer and more information about the game’s special boss encounters.

Are There Any Secret Bosses in Super Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG has one secret boss and one less secret optional boss. The secret boss is Culex, and the optional boss is Jinx, the same as in the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars game.

New to the remake are six post-game boss rematches, including a rematch with the secret boss.

How to Find Secret Boss Culex

Finding Culex takes some preparation ahead of time. The first thing you need to do is buy Fireworks from one of the moles in Moleville. The Fireworks cost 500 Coins, which isn’t cheap when you first make it to Moleville, but it’s helpful to complete these steps when you first can to minimize backtracking. The mole who sells the Fireworks is inside the leftmost house on the first raised elevation level.

Next, trade the Fireworks for a Shiny Stone. The young mole to the right of the house where you buy the Fireworks will give you a Shiny Stone in exchange for the Fireworks you just bought, but only once, so hold onto it. This mole can be hard to see; they’re sitting next to the five aligned crates.

Screenshot of getting the Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG.
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Continue with the story until you come to Monstro Town. To the left of the Monstro Town Shop is a black, sealed door. The Shiny Stone will unlock the seal, and Culex is inside. Don’t worry if you’re unprepared—Culex will challenge you to a battle, and you can decline if you’d like more time to prepare. It’s recommended that your party members be at least Level 20 before taking on Culex.

If you can best Culex, you’ll receive the Quartz Charm, a very powerful accessory.

Quartz Charm
– Prevents instant death effects
– Halves damage taken from enemies
– Adds 50% damage to your own attacks

How to Find Optional Boss Jinx

When you enter Monstro Town, follow the nearby stairs upwards to the door with a sign with the letter “J” on it. This is the entrance to Jinx’s Dojo.

At first, only Jinx’s apprentice Jagger will be there. Defeat Jagger to reveal Jinx.

From here, you can challenge Jinx to battle. You won’t receive any special rewards the first two times you defeat Jinx, but if you defeat Jinx a third time, you will receive the helpful Jinx Belt accessory.

Jinx Belt
– Attack +27
– Magic Attack +27
– Speed +12
– Prevents instant death effects

All Super Mario RPG Post-Game Boss Rematches

Each of the following bosses is available to battle after completing the main game and defeating the final boss. You’ll know you’ve done so because you’ll have seen an option reading “Save your cleared data? Once you do, post-game fun will be available.”

The following mini-guides list where each post-game rematch is located, their weaknesses and resistances, and the reward earned for defeating them.

Scratchy-Throat Belome

  • Where: Belome Temple
  • Weakness: Lightning
  • Resistance: Sleep
  • Reward: Sage Stick (Mallow’s strongest weapon)
Sage Stick (Staff; Mallow)
– Attack +80
– Magic Attack +15
This is the only weapon in the entire game that increases a stat besides Physical Attack!

Leveled-Up Punchinello

  • Where: Mole Mines (in Moleville)
  • Weakness: None
  • Resistance: Jump, Fear, Poison, Sleep, Mute
  • Reward: Wonder Chomp (Bowser’s strongest weapon)
Wonder Chomp (Chain Chomp; Bowser)
– Attack +67

Engine 023 Booster

  • Where: Booster Tower
  • Weakness: Ice
  • Resistance: Sleep
  • Reward: Stella 023 (Geno’s strongest weapon)
Stella 023 (Gun; Geno)
– Attack +62

Extra-Fancy Bundt and Extra-Fancy Raspberry

  • Where: Chapel in Merrymore
  • Weakness: Jump
  • Resistance: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Fear, Poison, Sleep, Mute
  • Note: Extra-Fancy Bundt and Extra-Fancy Raspberry both have the same weakness and resistances.
  • Reward: Enduring Brooch (Accessory)
Enduring Brooch (Accessory)
Prevents you from getting knocked out once per battle.

Duel-Ready Johnny

  • Where: Sunken Ship
  • Weakness: None
  • Resistance: Sleep
  • Reward: Extra-Shiny Stone (Item)

Culex 3D

  • Where: The sealed door in Monstro Town (requires the Extra-Shiny Stone from defeating Duel-Ready Johnny)

Be sure to equip the new weapons you obtained from the previous post-game bosses before challenging Culex 3D, as he’s significantly stronger than his already strong 2D counterpart!

  • Weakness: None
  • Resistance: Fear, Poison, Sleep, Mute
  • Reward: Crystal Shard (Item)

What Does the Crystal Shard Item Do in Super Mario RPG?

The Crystal Shard item does… nothing! It simply serves as a trophy for defeating the strongest boss in the game.

If you’re looking for the best equipment for each character for fighting Culex and Jinx, before you reach the post-game, check out our guides to the best Mario build, the best Mallow build, the best Geno build, the best Bowser build, and the best Peach build in Super Mario RPG.

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