Best Bowser Build in Super Mario RPG

Building Bowser to be the baddest.

An image of Bowser from Super Mario RPG.
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This guide goes over Bowser’s best build in Super Mario RPG, as well as what each piece of equipment does and how to obtain them.

The Best Bowser Build in Super Mario RPG

The following table shows the best weapon, armor, and accessory for Bowser in Super Mario RPG, and the effects of the equipment.

WeaponDrill ClawPhysical Attack +40
ArmorHeal ShellPhysical Defense +24
Magic Defense +12
AccessoryTroopa MedalSpeed +25
Wearer’s attacks deal 50% more damage

How to Get Drill Claw for Bowser in Super Mario RPG

You will earn the Drill Claw at the end of one of the battle courses in the Six Door Challenge at Bowser’s Keep.

Bowser’s New Weapon, the Wonder Chomp

Bowser has a new, stronger weapon in the Super Mario RPG remake: the Wonder Chomp. It adds 57 to his physical attack, making it an obvious improvement over his Drill Claw. However, the Wonder Chomp can only be obtained after completing the game. During your main playthrough, you’ll still be aiming to get the Drill Claw for Bowser.

How to Get Heal Shell for Bowser in Super Mario RPG

After defeating Magikoopa in Bowser’s Keep, Croco will sell the Heal Shell for 100 Coins in his new shop.

Work Pants: An Alternate Armor for Bowser in Super Mario RPG

An alternative armor that’s effective for Bowser is the Work Pants, an armor that everyone can wear. The Work Pants offer the following stat boosts:

Physical Attack+10
Physical Defense +15
Magic Attack+10
Magic Defense+5

You can buy the Work Pants for 22 Coins at the Moleville Shop. The additional attack and speed are welcomed for Bowser, but he doesn’t make good use of the magic attack boost. He will also get a much better improvement to his speed with the Troopa Medal accessory.

If you can afford the Heal Shell instead, it’s recommended for its higher defensive capabilities. If, however, you’re running low on Coins at Croco’s shop in Bowser’s Keep, you can prioritize getting Geno’s and Mallow’s armors and keep the more affordable Work Pants on Bowser.

How to Get the Troopa Medal for Bowser in Super Mario RPG

You’ll want the Troopa Medal to help patch up Bowser’s speed while also letting him hit even harder than before. To get it, you first need to make your way to Land’s End. There, you will earn the Troopa Medal for reaching the end of the Sky Troopa minigame in less than 12 seconds.

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