Best Geno Build in Super Mario RPG

Whatever his name may be, he's got star power.

An image of Geno from Super Mario RPG preparing an attack.
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This guide goes over the best Geno build in Super Mario RPG, as well as how to get each of Geno’s best pieces of equipment.

The Best Build for Geno in Super Mario RPG

The following table lists the best weapon, armor, and accessory for Geno in Super Mario RPG and the effects of the equipment.

WeaponStar GunPhysical Attack +57
ArmorStar CapePhysical Defense +36
Magic Defense +18
AccessoryJinx BeltPhysical Attack +27
Magic Attack +27
Speed +12
Prevents instant death

How to Get Star Gun for Geno in Super Mario RPG

You’ll obtain the Star Gun by completing one of the battle courses in the Six Doors Challenge in Bowser’s Keep. Because the doors and challenges are randomized, you might not get the Star Gun immediately. But since the courses reward you with the best weapons for Geno, Mallow, and Bowser, as well as Peach’s second-best weapon, completing each challenge is still recommended.

Geno has a new weapon in this remake, the Stella 023, that’s stronger than the Star Gun. However, it’s only available after already beating the game, and recommended only for competionists.

How to Get Star Cape for Geno in Super Mario RPG

You can buy the Star Cape for Geno at the second Croco Shop in Bowser’s Keep for 100 Coins. This shop is unlocked after defeating Magikoopa, and it also sells the best personal armor for Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Mallow for 100 Coins each.

How to Get the Jinx Belt for Geno in Super Mario RPG

Jinx is an optional boss you can fight in the dojo in Monstro Town. After defeating his student Jagger, you can challenge Jinx up to three times, with each battle increasing in difficulty. After defeating Jinx for the third time, you’ll be rewarded with the Jinx Belt.

The Jinx Belt accessory is recommended for Geno to enhance his offensive powers, patch up his speed, and keep him safe from instant death attacks.

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