Best Mallow Build in Super Mario RPG

Protect that squishy body with some Prince Pants.

An image of Mallow, angry, from Super Mario RPG.
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Despite looking like a lil’ marshmallow, you shouldn’t second guess Mallow. Here’s a guide to Mallow’s best build in Super Mario RPG and how to get his best equipment.

The Best Build for Mallow in Super Mario RPG

The following table lists the best weapon, armor, and accessory for Mallow in Super Mario RPG, and the effects of the equipment:

WeaponSonic CymbalsPhysical Attack +70
ArmorPrince PantsPhysical Defense +48
Magic Defense +24
AccessoryGhost MedalHalves damage from attacks that aren’t instant death

How to Get Sonic Cymbals for Mallow in Super Mario RPG

You obtain the Sonic Cymbals for completing one of the action courses in the Six Doors Challenge in Bowser’s Keep. The doors and challenges are randomized, so you might not get the Sonic Cymbals immediately. But the courses reward you with the best weapons for every character (save for Peach, who gets her second-best weapon instead, and Mario, who gets his second-best weapon in the following dungeon), so it’s worth completing each challenge regardless.

There is also a stronger weapon for Mallow in the remake, the Sage Stick. It’s only available after defeating the game, however, making the Sonic Cymbals the main weapon to target during your playthrough.

How to Get Prince Pants for Mallow in Super Mario RPG

After defeating Magikoopa in Bowser’s Keep, you’ll unlock the second Croco Shop there. At that second Croco Shop, you can buy Prince Pants for 100 Coins. This shop also has the best personal armor for Mario, Geno, Bowser, and Peach for sale, each for 100 Coins.

How to Get the Ghost Medal for Mallow in Super Mario RPG

As a spellcaster, Mallow can feel somewhat frail—some may even call him squishy. The Ghost Medal is a great accessory choice to keep him protected. To get the Ghost Medal, you must find the flags hidden by the Three Musty Fears.

To start the quest, you have to sleep in the bed in the house to the right of Goomhilde’s Shop in Monstro Town. You’ll know it’s the right bed if there’s a sign next to it penned by the Three Musty Fears.

After starting the quest, you can find the hidden flags at the following locations:

  • Behind the flower-shaped welcome sign of Rose Town.
  • Under Mario’s bed, the only green bed in the game.
  • Between the letters “O” and “A” in the word “GOAL” at the end of the Yo’ster Isle race track.

Note that the flags won’t appear in these locations if you don’t start the quest first.

Once you’ve collected all the flags, return to the Three Musty Fears’ bed to fall asleep once again, and you’ll be given the Ghost Medal.

If you’re in the market for better builds for your other party members, check out our guide to the best Geno build in Super Mario RPG.

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