Best Peach Build in Super Mario RPG

Make sure the princess packs a punch.

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Here’s all you need to know about Peach’s best build and how to get her best equipment in Super Mario RPG.

The Best Peach Build in Super Mario RPG

The following table lists the best weapon, armor, and accessory for Peach in Super Mario RPG, and the effects of the equipment.

WeaponFrying PanPhysical Attack +90
ArmorLazy ShellPhysical Attack -50
Physical Defense +127
Magic Attack -50
Magic Defense +127
Speed -50
Immune to status effects
Immune to (most) elemental attacks
AccessoryQuartz CharmImmune to instant death
Damage from enemy attacks is halved
Adds 50% damage to your own attacks

Alternate Peach Build in Super Mario RPG

The Frying Pan, Lazy Shell, and Quartz Charm a little out of the way to get, so here’s an alternate build you could prioritize for Peach.

WeaponSuper SlapPhysical Attack +70
ArmorRoyal DressPhysical Defense +48
Magic Defense +24
AccessorySafety RingPhysical Defense +5
Magic Defense +5
Speed +5
Immune to instant death
Immune to status effects
Immune to (most) elemental attacks

How to Get the Frying Pan for Peach in Super Mario RPG

You’ll get Peach’s second best weapon, the Super Slap glove, as part of the Six Door Challenge in Bowser’s Keep. But the Frying Pan has 20 more attack than the Super Slap, making it well worth the trouble of getting.

After you defeat the Axem Rangers and obtain the sixth star, the treasure hunting Toad in the Moleville Shop will sell the Frying Pan for 300 Coins.

How to Get Lazy Shell Armor for Peach in Super Mario RPG

To get the Lazy Shell armor for Peach, you’ll need:

  • A Seed, which is dropped by a Shy Away after defeating Megasmilax.
  • Fertilizer, which you get after talking to a Shy Guy in Nimbus Land after defeating Valentina.

Take the Seed and the Fertilizer to the Gardener Toad in the northeastern part of Rose Town. After he plants them, a beanstalk will grow that Mario can climb. It leads to the Lazy Shell armor, which anyone can equip but is especially recommended for Peach. Players will also get the Lazy Shell here, which is Mario‘s best weapon.

The Lazy Shell armor reduces Peach’s offenses by 50 each, and drops her speed by the same amount. However, this is a small price to pay for the amazing boost of 127 to both defenses, as well as immunity to status effects and nearly all elemental attacks. The Lazy Shell armor will keep Peach alive while she helps keep the rest of her team alive.

How to get the Quartz Charm for Peach in Super Mario RPG

To get the Quartz Charm, you need to defeat Culex, an optional (and very challenging) superboss. To be able to challenge Culex at all, you’ll need to perform the following steps:

  • Buy Fireworks from a mole child in Moleville for 500 Coins.
  • Trade the Fireworks for a Shiny Stone from a different mole child.
  • Take the Shiny Stone to the sealed door in Monstro Town to unlock it and fight against Culex.

You’ll want the Quartz Charm for Peach because it adds an immunity to instant death on top of her other immunities from the Lazy Shell armor. The Quartz Charm also halves all damage she receives, so you will really be covering all your bases. The damage reduction may seem like diminishing returns in conjunction with Peach’s defensive boost from the Lazy Shell armor, but your goal is to ensure Peach doesn’t die, since she’s your only party member with a Special Move that can revive your allies.

If you’re looking for more guides on building your party, check out our guide to Geno’s best build in Super Mario RPG.

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