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Apex Legends Solos Limited-Time Mode Start Date

by Nicholas Barth

Apex Legends is one of the more unique games in the battle royale genre, as it only has allowed players to play in teams of three when other battle royale games have allowed players to play solo or up to four or more teammates. However, this fact will be changing shortly for Apex Legends with the upcoming addition of a solos limited-time mode for the title. If you are curious when you can begin playing solos in Apex Legends, be sure to check out the start date for the highly anticipated event below. 

Apex Legends Solos Start Date

The solos limited-time mode for the battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment will begin on the start date of Tuesday, August 13th with the Iron Crown Collection Event.

This start date will likely be an exciting time for the battle royale game’s community, as many players have wanted a solos game mode in Apex Legends ever since the title’s launch in early 2019. However, Respawn Entertainment stated the abilities of the characters are meant to work with one another, and that a solos game mode would not work well in the current design of Apex Legends. 

It looks as though, however, Respawn Entertainment has decided to try out having a solo game mode available for players and see how it works during its limited-time availability following the event’s start date. If it performs well and the community is positively receptive of the new game mode, Respawn Entertainment could add the solo game mode permanently. 

Apex Legends Solos Start Date

Will you be trying out the Apex Legends solos limited-time mode when its start date arrives on August 13th? Do you think this will be an excellent addition to the battle royale game? Let us know your plans and thoughts for the event’s start date over on Twitter at @primagames!

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