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All Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger Listed

Choose your favorite tool for demon extermination!

by Nikola L

Metal: Hellsinger is a new rhythm-based FPS available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S which requires you to shoot at your enemies in the rhythm of the background music that features a lot of different famous singers from the modern metal scene.
There are a handful of Weapons in Metal: Hellsingers that you can use to vanquish your foes and Prima Games will list them all.

Every Weapon in Metal: Hellsinger Listed

Metal: Hellsinger has six different weapons which a player can use to slay hordes of demons on the way to the final boss. They are gradually unlocked, and we will be listing them in order that they appear in-game and in the Codex.

Terminus, The Unknown’s Blade

“Cuts down enemies at close range. If on the beat, the third attack in a row creates a powerful overhead smash.”

This is your basic melee weapon. Terminus has a powerful Ultimate that will allow you to slice and dice through hordes of demons with ease.

Paz, The Pulse of the Universe

“Deals low damage, useful for priming enemies for Slaughter. Can also be used for keeping Fury up, even without demons around. Hold the attack button to charge up a special attack – release it on the beat to Crystallize demons.”

Paz’s role is to be the narrator of Unknown’s story and to keep up your Fury. His Ultimate damages and freezes enemies in front of you, but you honestly won’t need that during your gameplay.

Persephone, The Queen Death

“Fires a cluster of bullets against your enemies. If fired on the beat, it can hit multiple demons at once. Becomes less effective at distance.”

The Shotgun of this game. It can deal absurd damage on the beat and with high Fury to a lot of enemies in front of you, but it’s not a good solution for distant targets. Ultimate just blasts a huge shockwave in front of you, wiping almost everything in front of you.

The Hounds (Cerberus & Orthrus)

“Deal precise damage, even at range. The Hounds are less effective at very long distances.”

Akimbo Revolvers in Metal: Hellsinger are outright busted and overpowered in our opinion. They deal an insane amount of damage and even have a minor aim assist built in them if you are hitting your shots on the beat. You’ll love them. Ultimate is totally crazy, it produces a copy of you that stands still and fires The Hounds autonomously. All you have to do is Slaughter enemies it brings to low health.

Vulcan, The Soulbreaker

“Fires a bolt that explodes on impact, dealing area damage. It deals more damage if fired on the beat. With careful timing, it’s said the weapon can bend the laws of physics, allowing you some leeway with gravity itself.”

The Rocket Launcher of Metal: Hellsinger. Decent on both close and long range, and has an Ultimate that forms a gravity ball that drags all nearby enemies in. Great to blast them with an AoE attack. The downside is that it has only two shots before you must reload, but there is a Sigil that allows you to shoot a couple of free shots after switching the weapon, which, combined with another weapon can help you keep up with the damage dealing non-stop. If it weren’t for the Sigil, this weapon would be useless compared to what other weapons offer.

Hellcrow, The Traitor Sovereign

“Attacks slice through demons, doing damage to anything standing in its way. Unlike other ranged weapons, it doesn’t need reloading.”

Basically, two melee weapons that you are throwing and then waiting for them to return to you. If you fire them on the beat you’ll never notice that you have just two of them. Their only problem is the range. They are brilliant at close and medium ranges, but they do not reach far.

That’s all for this list. Make sure to check out our Tier List for Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger as well as other guides by clicking the game tag below.

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