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How to Fast Reload Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

How to kill more demons per minute 101

by Nikola L

Metal: Hellsinger is the latest indie hit on the FPS scene, and it delivers a Doom-like experience with a rarely seen twist. Almost everything you do in Metal: Hellsinger needs to be done to the beat of the song (shooting, dashing, reloading) in order to maximize the efficiency of your actions. A rhythm shooter is not an entirely new concept, as Bullets Per Minute was released exactly two years ago, but Metal: Hellsinger took it to a different level. In this guide, we’ll explain how to reload your ammo-based weapons faster in the game.

How to Reload Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger Faster

The weapons in Metal: Hellsinger that use Ammo are Vulcan (The Soulbreaker), Persephone (The Queen Death), and The Hounds (Cerberus & Orthrus). In the bottom right corner, you will see how many bullets (shots) are left for you to fire before you must reload the weapon in order to fire again.

Get the timing right on that golden arrow by pressing the Reload key on the beat (whether it’s Good or Perfect), and the reload animation will change into a much faster one, which will reload your weapon within half a second and allow you to fire again.

Just make sure to have the Quick Reload Indicator on in your options for this to be done more easily.

There is also a trick on how to never reload a weapon and constantly keep firing. If you have both Primary and Secondary weapons active, and Ghost Rounds Sigil active, you can switch between the two weapons, fire a few shots (depending on which level of Ghost Rounds you have), and then change your weapon again after you exhaust all of your Ghost Rounds.
Rinse and repeat and you will not spend a round of ammo technically speaking.

Another trick for a reload is to perform a Slaughter on that Golden Arrow when your weapon is empty. After the Slaughter, your weapon should be fully loaded, if successful.

That’s it for this guide from Prima Games, thank you for sticking with us until the end of it. Make sure to check out the Metal: Hellsinger game tag below for more guides.

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