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All Stim Upgrade Locations in Jedi Survivor

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
Stim Upgrades Jedi Survivor

Getting hit by blasters and droids is inevitable and it’s easy to run out of Stim Canisters as you try to get to the next Meditation Point in Jedi Survivor. The solution is to explore the galaxy and find each one of the Stim upgrade locations so BD-1 is always stocked up.

As one of the best upgrades to find in Jedi Survivor, locating the Stim upgrade chests won’t be as easy as finding fresh outfits or another set of colors. Plenty of challenges are ahead, but I find all of the upgrades by exploring along, and now I can list where you can find them as well.

Jedi Survivor – All Stim Upgrade Locations

There are 10 Stim Canisters scattered around the main planets, like Koboh, Jedha, and the Shattered Moon. Not only will finding them be tough, but many of them are behind puzzles or Legendary Bosses. Below you can find all the general locations and exactly how you can reach the chest.

Stim Canister Upgrade Locations:

  • Undercity Meats (Coruscant) – Spawn at the Undercity Meats Meditation Point on Coruscant. Move forward and jump above the wall. The upgrade is up ahead behind the droid.
  • Doma’s Shop (Koboh) – Doma’s Shop is in Rambler’s Reach across from Pyloon’s Saloon. Give her 10 Priorite for the Mysterious Keycode and open the door to the left.
  • Basalt Rift in the Basalt Forest (Koboh) – Keep following the path to the left until you face the Mogu. I thought it was a Wampa at first, but it’s not. Take down the not wampa, and then continue on the curved path to the right to find the chest.
  • Dredger Gorge in the Derelect Dam (Koboh) – Once you have Force Lift and Force Slam, head to the elevators in this area. Look for the Gorocco Matriarch. Behind her is the Stim Upgrade in Jedi Survivor.
  • Foothill Falls (Koboh) – Head to the Abandoned Shack which is across from Skoova Stev in the area. Destroy the door with a Roller Mine from the cliff above and grab the canister.
  • Viscid Bog (Koboh) – With Force Lift and Slam, head to the unexplored end of the bog that leads to the starting point of Koboh. Take the elevator down or platform to reach the pillars in the swamp. Lift the pillars and reach the Mire Terror.
  • Observatory Understructure in the Mountain Observatory (Koboh) – Defeat Urgost, Fist of Rayvis, which is part of the main story. Head to the opposite corridor after and use the ballons to grapple to the Stim Upgrade.
  • Crypt of Uhrma (Jedha) – This is the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle on the wall that requires pulling blocks in the right order, behind the door you can fight a boss and grab the upgrade in Jedi Survivor.
  • Sheltered Hollow in the Narkis Desert (Jedha) – After surviving the sandstorm with Merrin, look around the tunnels to find the chest.
  • Automated Forge (Shattered Moon) – This is the final Stim upgrade in Jedi Survivor. Spawn at the forge Meditation Point and look toward the right. Use the zip lines to reach the center platform and grab your reward.

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If you plan on completing New Game Plus as well, then these are important to pick up before getting started. Your Stim Upgrades will carry over and allow you to heal against tougher encounters. I already finished half of my New Game Plus run, and having those extra stims saved me more than once.

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