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Does Jedi Survivor Have New Game Plus? – Answered

Two journeys are better than one.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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So you’ve finished the main story in Jedi Survivor, or you are planning ahead for the future of your latest journey with Cal Kestis. That means you’re looking ahead toward something like a New Game Plus mode, which has become the standard for so many single-player action-adventure games.

Fallen Order, the previous game, had a New Game Plus mode that was called “New Journey Plus,” which was essentially the same thing. However, it wasn’t available until after the launch. Jedi Survivor does have a New Game Plus mode at launch, so you can start as soon as the main story ends. There are some differences and rewards, though, and we’ll cover them all in this guide.

Jedi Survivor – How Does New Journey Plus Work?

Once you’ve completed the main story with Cal Kestis, you can continue exploring the galaxy, or you can start a New Game Plus file. Just like Fallen Order, the mode is called “New Journey Plus” and must be started from the main menu rather than in-game like some other titles.

When the New Game Plus mode begins, you’ll unlock access to the Red Lightsaber Color and the Party Lightsaber Color. You’ll also retain all the Lightsaber Stances you’ve unlocked in the game, like the Crossguard, and all of the customization items you’ve found for Cal Kestsi. You can’t keep everything, though.

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What you’ll lose in the Jedi Survivor New Game Plus is any of the unlockable abilities from the story. So that means no more air dashing until you reach that point in the story. All of your skill points will be refunded as well, but you can redistribute them to your liking. And, of course, you’ll be able to select your difficulty for the new run in Jedi Survivor.

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