Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Little Frog Man Turgle Steals The Show

Turgle will save the galaxy.

Star Wars is no stranger to little cuties. Grogu took the world by storm in The Mandolorian, and Babu Frik was the only redeeming part of Rise of Skywalker. However, Jedi Survivor introduces the true king of them all. This little frog man named Turgle is the ultimate space alien in Star Wars, and even though his part in Jedi Survivor is small, it’s the best god damn part.

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Look, the review embargo has lifted, and while this isn’t a review of Jedi Survivor, it is a review of my new little frog man friend. You first meet Turgle right outside Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh, and from moment one you know this crafty little dude is up to no good.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Little Frog Man Turgle Steals The Show

After being tossed through the doors of the saloon by the Bedlam Raiders, you learned this sneaky frog man has tricked the raiders with a fake piece of technology he was trying to sell them. It’s here when I first met Turgle, and it’s here where I almost watched him die. Never had I wanted to slice some raiders in half so badly. As soon as I gained control, I protected Turlge with my life. Slicing and dicing that raider scum like I just fully embraced the dark side.

It’s then Turgle shakes our hand with incredible enthusiasm, and I know he’s just going to do this to someone else again. Turgle is a con artist by trade and I’m okay with that.

Throughout the game, Turgle is sidelined and relegated to small conversations at the bar. Turgle asks to hold your lightsaber at one point, and I wanted to let him have it. I wanted to ditch Cal Kestis and his quest to simply play as the frog man with a lightsaber. Ultimately, you’re not allowed to give Turgle the lightsaber, and that is easily the biggest disappointment of Jedi Survivor.

Why would I want to play as a human being Jedi when I could be a frog who is trying his goddamn best. Turgle’s conversations in the bar are always the weirdest stuff. He talks about previous encounters with the raiders and how he has learned zero lessons from those moments. He even gives you a tip about a weird underground control center on Koboh. How has Turgle survived this long without being destroyed by literally anything that moves.

One time, I went to talk to Turgle at the bar, and he said “Not now Cal, I’m busy” and my heart shattered into a million pieces. It was a top-ten anime betrayal, and I finally figured out what it’s like when a child becomes too cool or their parent. I can now finally relate to the song Cats in The Cradle.

“What I’d really like, dad, is to borrow the car keys
See you later, can I have them please?”

Turgle still gets a 10/10 in my heart.

Turgle the Frog Man

● He is a Frog Man
● He is Cool
● Turgle is voiced by Richard Horvitz

● You Can Not Play As Turgle
● I want to play as Turgle
● He stiffed me at the bar once

A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review. Reviewed on PS5.

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