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How to Get the Crossguard Lightsaber in Jedi Survivor

Kylo Wallace.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Crossguard Lightsaber Jedi Survivor

Two brand new Lightsabers stances were added to Jedi Survivor that weren’t available in any form within Fallen Order. Of the two new stances, it’s the Crossguard Lightsaber that has garnered the most attention, and it’s no surprise when the weapon feels so unique.

The single-blade, double-blade, and Dual Wield stances are all unlocked just by playing through the start of the game on Coruscant. However, the Crossguard requires a few extra steps to be completed. Detailed below are all the required steps to unlock the Crossguard Lightsaber in Jedi Survivor.

How to Unlock the Crossguard Lightsaber Stance in Jedi Survivor

The Crossguard Lightsaber stance is tied to progress in the main story on the Shattered Moon. Instead of being able to open a chest on the map, you will need to progress through the main story to unlock new stances or any fresh abilities that open up new areas. For the Crossguard Lightsaber specifically, Cal must make his way to the Shattered Moon location for the first time. Toward the end of the mission, in the Shattered Fabricators section, you’ll meet Bedlam Raider boss.

Before the boss arrives, you’ll find a small room at the top of the fabricators that contains a High Republic device resting on a platform. Be careful in there, because as soon as you pick this up, the Drya Thornne boss will attack. Thornne is utilizing an orange Crossguard Lightsaber in Jedi Survivor, and it’s your first battle against the saber type, which is based in high damage attacks that can easily break guards at the cost of speed.

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After winning the battle, Cal will test out the stance for himself and you’ll have to get through the next corridor with the crossguard in hand. I always find sections like this to be a good opportunity for some practice, or to test if I like the stance, but you can always switch at the Meditation Point. For those that like the Crossguard Lightsaber stance, you can always respec your skills as well.

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