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How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor

More Roller Mines?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Abandoned Shack Jedi Survivor

The prospector in the white shirt, leaning against the Rambler’s Reach stables, has a mission for you and BD-1 to complete that asks you to investigate the abandoned shack. It sounds simple on the surface, but when you arrive, there’s a hefty block on the loot and the rumor.

Within the abandoned shack, there is a bonus NPC as well, so there is a lot to accomplish in this small section of the Foothill Falls. It took me a few minutes to put all the pieces of the investigation path together, but once you have the solution, the rest is easy. Here’s how to investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor – How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack

When you make your way past Skoove Stev and find your way to the shack, you’ll notice there is an easy entryway and plenty of panels that can be pulled off the sides with the Force. However, all of these lead to one door that has to be destroyed with a Roller Mine. Of course, one being next to you would be too easy. Instead I had to run in circles to find the solution, which was right much closer than I thought.

Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor:

  • Go toward the downhill path behind the shack into a small cave. You’ll find a Nekko.
  • The ability to ride mounts is required here because you’ll need to bring the Nekko to the shack.
  • Once you’re at the shack with a mount, use the mounted jump to reach the wall on the other side of the Abandoned Shack and initiate a wall run.
  • Make your way across the path up top and you’ll find a Roller Mine spawner.
  • Have BD-1 slice the spawner and throw the Roller Mine through the roof of the shack. There is no need to jump down with the mine.

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Now you can claim the loot inside the shack. And while I was exploring, I also found the basement door, which can be accessed at any time and leads to another cave system. In the basement though, there is a droid you can speak to and recruit. After all is said and done in this Jedi Survivor mission, the rumor is complete.

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