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All Schematic Locations in Dead Space Remake

Welcome, achievement hunters!

Schematics are necessary if you wish to upgrade your equipment and abilities in Dead Space Remake, so it would be a good idea to look for them as you progress through the game’s many chapters.

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Prima Games is here to help you locate each of the 13 schematics in Dead Space Remake. The question is not if you can afford to invest time in finding them but if you can afford not to since the game gets progressively more difficult and it might not be a good idea to put a handicap on yourself, especially if you are playing on a higher difficulty (unless you’re a hardcore achievement streamer who’s doing a pacifist run or something crazy like that).

Every Schematic Location in Dead Space Remake

We will sort the Schematic locations by Chapters:

Schematic Locations in Chapter 2 in Dead Space Remake

There are two Schematics in Chapter 2:

  • Pulse Round
    It is located in the Coolant Pipe. When you enter the Coolant Pipe (after exiting the Zero Gravity Mode), go forward and left towards the corner of the room, and the Schematic will be on the table, waiting for you to pick it up.
  • Stasis Pack
    Found in the Main Lab Changing Room (you will see the name of the room above the door) that is left of Dr. Brennan’s office.
    As soon as you enter the room, turn right, and you should immediately see it on the bench.

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Schematic Locations in Chapter 3 in Dead Space Remake

There are three schematics in Chapter 3:

  • Medium Med Pack
    You need to look for a door that says “To Centrifuge” after the Decontamination Room section. Once you open it, you will see a couple of lockers ahead, where you’ll spot the Medium Med Pack Schematic.
  • Flamethrower Fuel
    In the Engine Room, climb up the stairs to reach the Primary Engine Panel (many screens are glowing here so it’s hard to miss it), and the Flamethrower Fuel Schematic will be sitting on the chair.
  • Ripper Blades
    The Ripper Blades Schematic is found in the Fuel Storage. When you exit the elevator that takes you down, go right and keep right until you end up at a door. Minor Spoiler: Keep your aim at the floor when you open the door. The Schematic for Ripper Blades can be found inside on the floor.

Schematic Locations in Chapter 4 in Dead Space Remake

There is one Schematic in Chapter 4:

  • Intermediate Engineer RIG
    Before completing “Calibrate Three ADS Cannons,” in the EVA Prep room (after you open the Exterior Access door, down the hallway and then to the right). When you enter the EVA Prep room, just walk forward and you will see the Schematic on the bench.

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Schematic Locations in Chapter 5 in Dead Space Remake

There is one Schematic in Chapter 5:

  • Line Racks
    Found in Dr. B Warwick’s Office CPO (in Medical). You get there by going through the “Zero Gravity Therapy” door within the Observation Room and then turning right. Security Clearance Level 2 is required to enter this room, which you will see as soon as you stumble upon the door. The Schematic is on the desk.

Schematic Locations in Chapter 6 in Dead Space Remake

There is one Schematic in Chapter 6:

  • Force Energy
    Located in Air Filtration Tower (Hydroponics). Once you enter Zero Gravity, you will need to “fly” up to an electric trap that’s emitting electricity. Disable it with your Stasis ability and move past it. Immediately, you’ll spot a window nearby: “fly” in and grab the Schematic.

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Schematic Locations in Chapter 7 in Dead Space Remake

There are two Schematics in Chapter 7:

  • Contact Energy
    Found in Deck “B” Processing (Mining), and it’s tricky as hell. From the Save Station, go across the Save Station icon and not down the path next to it. A few seconds later, you will see a locked door on the left.
    Proceed forward down the hallway and immediately turn left. Continue moving forward and you will soon see the windows of that locked room on your left. You need to aim at the lock that’s inside the room, shoot it open, and then you can go back to the now unlocked door. The Schematic is on a coffee table when you walk in.
  • Intermediate Miner RIG
    Located in the Equipment Workshop, sitting on a desk.

Schematic Locations in Chapter 8 in Dead Space Remake

There is one Schematic in Chapter 8:

  • Oxygen Tank
    Found in the Refueling Station on the fourth floor. Security Clearance level two is required. Go through the Engineering door, turn right at the “T” junction, then in the big room, turn right again and you’ll see the Preparation Room door. Go through, then through Machine Shop door on your right. After you run down the flight of stairs, you guessed it, go right again and through the Refueling Control Station door. Turn right, and then to your right, you’ll spot the Platform Storage door (we are not running in circles, I promise). The Schematic is on the workbench on the left side of the room.

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Schematic Locations in Chapter 9 of Dead Space Remake

There is one Schematic in Chapter 9:

  • Large Med Pack
    Can be found in the Infirmary (USM Valor) next to the crazy spinning lasers. It is at the desk, near the entrance to the Infirmary.

Schematic Locations in Chapter 10 in Dead Space Remake

The last Schematic is in Chapter 10:

  • Advanced Engineering RIG
    Can be located in Crew Quarters (Standard Bathroom). Go through the Lockroom and Showers door, and on the bench, on the right, you’ll find it sitting there.

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