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What is the Prototype Stasis Module in Dead Space Remake? – Answered

Its benefits are rather shocking.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Isaac at Terminal

Dead Space Remake always ensures that you’re upgrading your gear to be as great as it can be. Whether it be through minor stat upgrades or major changes to the way you play, Isaac always feels like an evolving soldier walking through a mechanical, fleshy nightmare. One such upgrade that takes some effort to get is a little confusing, but has major benefits. Here’s what the Prototype Stasis Module is in Dead Space Remake.

What Does the Prototype Stasis Module Do in Dead Space Remake?

First of all, you’ll need this piece of equipment. To get it, you’ll need to work your way through the Premeditated Malpractice side mission. This is started by getting a tissue sample in Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion, then heading to several locations throughout the ship before finally arriving at the final recording in Hydroponics. Once there, you’ll complete the side mission and find the Prototype Stasis Module on a nearby table. Given that it doesn’t enter your inventory or explain what it does, that’s what likely confuses you.

However, the upgrade’s benefits are fairly straightforward. After picking up the Module, every enemy hit by stasis will now be immobilized completely rather than just slowed. On top of that, they’ll be electrified, causing damage over time instead of the standard zero-damage slowdown effect. It’s because of this that this upgrade should be obtained as soon as possible, since it makes any fights that require stasis far easier.

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While there’s a lot of running around that must be done before you can get the Prototype Stasis Module, given how little you have to go off the beaten path, it’s more than worth taking the time to get. Enjoy watching those necromorphs fry to death! They aren’t so great to eat cooked, but it is hilarious either way.

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