All Scalegorge Waterscape Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Back into the depths we go

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I thought we were done with Enkanomiya, but Hoyoverse has placed us back in the building again by introducing the other new map, Scalegorge Waterscape, which includes a whole new vast region to explore unlike anything we’ve seen in Honkai: Star Rail thus far. New puzzles and enemies away us in this fantastical oceanic underground including 14 new chests to find. Here’s how to find all Scalegorge Waterscape treasure chests in Honkai: Star Rail.

Where to Find All Discoverable Treasure Chests in Scalegorge Waterscape in Honkai: Star Rail

Looking at the map initially, you might think this is going to take forever, and you would be right. Just kidding, but you might as well take your time with this one because you got a lot of walking ahead of you. The easiest place to start is at the beach where we spawn; you can reach this by the Space Anchor or by the transitioning area marked at the end of the beach. Not only will there be a Warp Trotter along here, but a chest as well.

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  1. After teleporting in through the Space Anchor, your first chest will be just south if you follow the trail of rocks coming out of the sand. 
  2. Walking to the beach towards the right of the Space Anchor on the map, you can discover a chest just north of the open area, and further to the right of it, you’ll spot a Warp Trotter. 
  3. There’s a half-circle path that breaks off into two diverging areas, taking the one to the right or north if you’re looking at the map, your third chest will be at the end of that half-circle path.
  4. Past the Statue and Staircase, you’ll head towards the next ruin area, there’ll be Chest Number 4 to the right in a smaller portion just before the next giant area. 
  5. By the Space Anchor, there’s a chest just behind it if you’re walking in or spawning in.
  6. From here, the area diverges into two major sections regarding chests where there’s a northern and a southern path that’ll each grant you three chests. Starting with the north winding path, you’ll pass a lot of broken paths, coral, and lotus-like flowers called Vidyadhara Eggs where the first of these chests will be next to a large Ruin that houses a Formidable Foe.
  7. The next chest is just north of the Space Anchor in that area which is in the nook of the first break between staircases when you head up the path. 
  8. The last chest in this northern section will actually take you along a long section past more ruins and more Vidyadhara eggs. It’ll be located just before another Formidable Foe Challenge to your right before you head south. 
  9. Return to the second Space Anchor that connects both the northern and southern paths and head south down the stairs, there’s a small break in between the staircases, where there’ll be Chest Number 9 to your left. 
  10. Taking the rest of the stairs down, you can hang left back into a broken pathway lit by lanterns where there’ll be a chest to the right of the staircase. 
  11. The other chest is south of that very same split-in path where proceeding down the staircase will lead you to the last of these Chests down this southern path. 
  12. You can either reach Chest Number 12 by taking the northern path and making your way down or be cheeky by teleporting to the Space Anchor in the middle of the map. Progressing further in this area will reveal the next chest at the bottom of a staircase just hand a tight left and circle the pillar that’s there. 
  13. I find it more fun to take the southern path up to this chest, just because there’s a part where you walk along a vine and it looks cool BUT, you can easily get here by heading south from the last chest. And this one will be past the Vidyadhara eggs and on your left once you enter the ruin-like section again.
  14. The last chest requires you to go further into the domain towards the Echo of War boss, but after you reach that final staircase, if you hang a left then there’ll be a chest waiting for you in the nook because there’s where Hoyoverse loves to put them. 

Other Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There are still lots of chests to discover on the Xianzhou Luofu, if you find that you are missing a few, be sure to check our other maps and guides where we lay out where to find them. Also, check out this epic Warp Trotter guide so you can get additional rewards for hunting them down.

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