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The Alchemy Commission is quickly returning to nature, a stark contrast to all the areas we’ve seen before in Honkai: Star Rail’s Xianzhou Luofu. With ruins come unspoken-for treasure chests, and there are fourteen in total to be discovered in this area. Luckily, this area is pretty straightforward where you’ll follow along the path and peer around corners to spot them. Here’s how to find all Alchemy Commission treasure chests in Honkai: Star Rail.

Where to Find All Treasure Chests in the Alchemy Commission Map in Honkai: Star Rail 

There aren’t many Space Anchors in the Alchemy Commission, so try and stick with me so we don’t get lost. Starting first with the Second Floor, there’s a Space Anchor as well as a pathway from the Artisanship Commission Area you can use to reach this area. 

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  1. Chest number 1, as indicated on the map above, will be on the corner of the pathway straight ahead when you warp to the Medicine Bureau Space Anchor past the stone seats.
  2. The next chest can be found if you ascend the staircase just northeast of the Space Anchor. You can also teleport to the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Elixir Seekers instead – just head straight from that teleport to the tucked away street where you’ll follow the path and round your way to Chest number 2.
  3. Returning to our arduous climb up the stairs, there’ll be a divide between two paths, where you’ll want to take the right path at either split where you’ll find a treasure chest in the corner that has an extra path perpendicular to it. There’ll either be a triage of tables you’ll walk by and it’ll be in the corner.
  4. Chest number 4 is quite easy to spot since, once you step away from 3 and enter to the area to the right, you’ll spot it clear across the way next to a shop and a stone bench.
  5. Continue taking the path north from Chest number 4 and you’ll come across Number 5 along a dull red wall that has a pair of doors blocked with chairs and furnishings. 
  6. Once you arrive at an intersection of multiple paths, there’ll be two easy chests to grab in a large main area to the right and three extra chests to the north to grab before reaching the First Floor of the Alchemy Commission. For now, Chest Number 6 can be grabbed by reaching the Space Anchor in this protected area; it’ll be hidden just behind a table full of pots and other wares.
  7. To the southeast, there’s an area reserved for a new Stagnant Shadow. You’ll head towards that new boss, but you won’t need to pass the red gate. Chest Number 7 should be located just to the left of the gate next to some soldiers or, it’ll be on your immediate right if you teleport to the boss and make to leave the area. 
  8. Returning to the Space Anchor near the intersection of paths, if you take the north route this time, there is a small nook behind a shop up a flight of stairs where you’ll find Chest Number 8.
  9. Chest Number 9 is located at a passing gate, just left of the entrance if you enter in from either the back alleys where all the abandoned shops are or where all the Cloudford Soldiers and Citizens of Alchemy Commission remain.
  10. The last of the chests on the Second Floor of the Alchemy Commission will be in a nook on the right side of an abandoned shop/home just before you can take the stairs down to explore the First Floor. 
  11. The First Floor isn’t as forgiving since it breaks off into two different areas and the chests are spread far and wide. You can either follow the natural path of the story to discover these or you can come back to make sure you have them, in which case, the easiest place to start is the Space Anchor where your first chest of this section will be just to your left and hidden behind a standing booth. 
  12. Traveling South from the Space Anchor, there are two diverging paths, one that’ll lead you down to the pier and another that’ll eventually take you back to the Second Floor of the Alchemy Commission. If you glance left at this junction, there’ll be a treasure chest in plain sight.
  13. From that same diverging path, the next chest you can find is by taking the dilapidated stairs down to the wrecked pier where they’ll be a chest to your right once you reach the lower level and just before you can take the other staircase back up. 
  14. The last chest in the area will be found on the right side or directly opposite when you enter the main area of the Alchemy Commission after taking the rounding path from the Space Anchor

Other Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

To make sure you have all of the treasure chests from the other areas of the Xianzhou Luofu, check out our guides for finding those treasure chests like the ones in Scalegorge Waterscape, as well as discovering the location of all the Warp Trotters. Till next time, Trailblazers.

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