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All Stargazer Navalia Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Lots and lots of containers around here. And treasures too.

by Patrick Souza

The final Trailblaze Missions in Honkai: Star Rail are locked behind a difficult time/effort wall by asking you for reaching Trailblaze Level 34 as their requirement for being unlocked. Luckily, the Xianzhou Luofu areas are filled with chests that can get you loads of Experience and, most importantly, Stellar Jades for getting your favorite characters. The Stargazer Navalia is a good example, being a huge open space with tons of dangerous monsters and puzzles that are very generous in their rewards. Here’s where you can get all of them.

All Stargazer Navalia Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There are a total of 11 Treasure Chests marked in the Stargazer Navalia, with one of them being a Warp Trotter. Various locations are locked when chasing Kafka during the Trailblaze Missions, so it’s better to grab them at a later date.

The chest marked as X isn’t associated with any “regular” puzzle, but it requires some extra effort to get it.

  • 1 – After entering the area, go to your right after climbing down the stairs to find the chest.
  • 2 – Travel down with the elevator and find a passage between the containers next to a white barrier where the chest awaits you.
  • 3 – Now, keep following the road normally and turn to your left after the stairs.
  • 4 – Found a little bit past the Space Anchor. Easier to reach through the Cavern of Corrosion teleport if you opened all doors.
  • 5 – Go downstairs and spot this little chest pretending to be extra cargo.
  • 6 – Head for the Space Anchor and use the Controller to open your way to this chest.
  • 7 – Warp Trotter. Climb down the stairs and open the door. Hit it immediately so it won’t run away.
  • 8 – After slaying the piggy, open the doors with the device next to the stairs to be jump scared with more rewards. 
  • 9 – Now, keep going to the left side of the map, making a small detour on those stairs to grab this chest.
  • 10 – Make another detour in the route to the left and defeat the surrounding enemies to grab it smoothly.
  • 11 – Use the controller to move the red block to the side and open your way for the final regular chest in this area.
  • X – Use the controller next to the Anchor to push the cargo to the left, then go downstairs and go through the now-available entrance to use another controller to push it to the left again. The chest is now free for you to grab!

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The remaining treasures in the area are all related to either defeating powerful enemies, solving puzzles or following the Cycranes throughout their deliveries and are all marked on the map. They will also push the total to 24 Treasures in this map. Once again, you can only reach some of them after you complete the map’s Trailblaze Missions, so good luck!

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