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All Ripper Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Rip and tear, until we're whole again.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Ripper

Dead Space Remake’s weapons tend to all be great at tearing necromorphs to pieces. Whether through the sheer amount of bullets you can shove into a corpse or the power of something like the Contact Beam’s alternate fire, necromorph body parts are likely to come flying off at every moment of the game. That’s what makes this weapon an absolute beast to take into any situation. Here are all upgrades for the Ripper in Dead Space Remake.

Every Ripper Upgrade in Dead Space Remake

While there are plenty of stat boosts to level up (which we’ll cover in a minute), there are three major upgrades you can pick up across the game that make large changes to the Ripper’s power. They are as follows:

  • Chapter 3 Upgrade (first shop you come across after getting the weapon): The Ripper’s alt fire gains an additional ricochet.
  • Chapter 6 Upgrade (found in Flow Control): Another ricochet is added to the alt fire.
  • Chapter 10 Upgrade (found in Engineering in a Master Override crate): A final ricochet is added to the alt fire.

Yes, we know, very different upgrades that all change the weapon in different ways. Jokes aside, the weapon naturally comes with those extra stat boosts you can level up. In total, there are seven Damage upgrades, seven Capacity upgrades, three Reload Speed upgrades, and three Duration upgrades. In total, you’ll need 23 nodes if you wish to upgrade the weapon fully.

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As far as priorities for upgrades go, we suggest putting as many points into Damage as possible alongside a few into capacity. Even with only a select few leveled into Capacity and Damage, this thing can both stunlock and melt just about every necromorph you run into. If it weren’t for some distance-based necromorphs, we’d almost suggest using this thing exclusively. It’s just that powerful.

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