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All Contact Beam Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

That's one way to get in contact with someone.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Contact Beam

When it comes to choosing the right weapon for the job in Dead Space Remake, there’s always one weapon that will outperform the rest. With handling groups of weaker enemies, the Flamethrower is the ideal option. For dealing with many two-legged necromorphs, the Line Gun might be the right call. When you’re looking for raw damage, though, the Contact Beam is at your hip ready to melt through whatever it touches. Here are all the Contact Beam upgrades in Dead Space Remake.

Every Contact Beam Upgrade in Dead Space Remake

Like every weapon available to Isaac in Dead Space Remake, the Contact Beam has three major upgrades that can be found throughout the game and a helping of minor stat buffs (more on that in a moment). The three major upgrades are as follows:

  • Chapter 4 Upgrade (found in the first shop you come across): Increases alternate fire projectile size.
  • Chapter 7 Upgrade (Behind a level 3 security door in Medical): Greatly increased ammo capacity.
  • Chapter 10 Upgrade (Found in a Master Override crate on the Mining Deck): Larger explosion radius on the alternate fire.

As mentioned, a helping of minor stat boosts is available across the standard upgrade track. In total, there are six Capacity upgrades, six Secondary Fire Damage upgrades, three Primary Fire Damage upgrades, and three Reload Speed upgrades. Combined with the three major upgrades, this totals out to 21 nodes to fully upgrade the weapon. This is also the only weapon in the game to have two separate damage upgrades.

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If you’re looking to focus on only the most vital upgrades for the weapon, anything improving the alternate fire (secondary fire) would be ideal. This will turn the weapon into a great burst damage dealer for Brutes, armored Necromorphs, and Twitchers later in the game. Trust us when we say it’s sweet to watch as well.

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