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All Pulse Rifle Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

The high capacity, high fire rate powerhouse.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Pulse Rifle

For almost every Dead Space Remake weapon, it’s some form of repurposed tool used for killing rather than mining or moving large machinery. Take the Force Gun, for example, which is meant for moving large objects but is instead used offensively as a form of crowd control. One weapon breaks this rule but is more than fitting in any arsenal either way. Here are all upgrades for the Pulse Rifle in Dead Space Remake.

Every Pulse Rifle Upgrade in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Pulse Rifle upgrades
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Like every other weapon available in Isaac’s arsenal, the Pulse Rifle has three major upgrades along with all the minor stat buffs. These upgrades are as follows:

  • Chapter 3 Upgrade (in the first shop you find): Greatly increased rate of fire.
  • Chapter 4 Upgrade (in the Mining Administration section of the first floor): Greatly increased magazine capacity.
  • Chapter 10 Upgrade (Water Purification Storage behind a Master Override door): Increases the blast radius of the Proximity Mine.

Along with these three major upgrades, you have all those minor stat buffs we mentioned. In total, there are nine Capacity upgrades, seven Damage upgrades, and three Reload Speed upgrades. Fully upgrading the Pulse Rifle will cost you 22 nodes. This puts it similar to many of the other guns in Dead Space Remake and is by no means cheap.

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When it comes to choosing which upgrades to prioritize, we suggest focusing on Capacity and Damage with the weapon, essentially transforming it into an LMG of sorts. To that end, the Chapter 3 and 4 upgrades will massively increase the potential of the weapon and should be purchased ASAP if you plan to keep the Pulse Rifle in your core arsenal. As for use cases, good times to pull out the Pulse Rifle include when up against groups of enemies, as the high magazine means you can keep the fight going for quite some time.

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