All New Weapons in God of War Ragnarok Listed

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All New Weapons in God of War Ragnarok Listed

God of War Ragnarok is here and it brought more of everything that we loved about the rebooted game from 2018. When the Blades of Chaos from the old Greek mythology-inspired portion of the God of War franchise were brought back in the first Nordic sequel, many were surprised. So, are there any new weapons in Ragnarok that will make players excited like that? Let’s check it out.

All New Weapons in God of War Ragnarok Listed

For starters, the Blades of Chaos are present in Ragnarok from the beginning of the game, so we won’t count them as new weapons – the list below is only weapons that weren’t available in the previous title.

  • Draupnir Spear – The only all-new weapon that comes with a completely new move-set. Unlocked in Act 3 after the Forging Destiny quest.

Besides this unique spear, the only new weapons in God of War Ragnarok are actually four new shields that greatly affect the style of the game.

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  • Dauntless Shield – Good for parry-style gameplay, requires precise timing, only for highly skilled players.
  • Onslaught Shield – It brings the ability for Kratos to rush toward the enemy while still blocking attacks, unlike the previous shield it is not well suited for a parry-focused playstyle, but it is for the more offensive type of defense.
  • Shatter Star Shield – A shield for crowd control, ideal for fighting with many enemies at the same time. Press L1 two times for a shield punch move that pushes enemies back.
  • Stone Wall Shield – As the name suggests, this is the strongest shield that actually does what good shields do – it absorbs attacks. You can also do a shield slam or slam it to the ground, but generally, it is a tanking-like heavy shield.

And that would be all the new weapons in God of War Ragnarok. Although the list is not long, keep in mind that a large number of weapons from the previous game have been carried over and you will have to collect and level them all over again. Have fun!

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