All Modvitnir’s Rig Collectibles Locations in God of War Ragnarok

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God of War Ragnarok will have players hunting every nook and cranny of each of the nine realms in search of hidden collectibles. Luckily for us, the game breaks down all of the in-game goodies by area. Meaning we can craft easy-to-use guides like this one for your reading pleasure. So, are you stuck trying to find all of Modvitnir’s Rig collectibles? Let us help you out with where to find them.

All Modvitnir’s Rig Collectibles Locations in God of War Ragnarok

Modvitnir’s Rig only has four collectibles to grab, and one is destroying the rig itself, so let’s dive in.

Legendary Chest

As soon as you wash up on the shores of Modvitnir, climb up the first cliff and take a sharp right turn. Climb up another ledge, and you’ll see a spinning wheel that can be hit with your axe. Smash it to open the iron gate before you and keep moving forward. Jump across the ledge and climb up and around the platform.

Once you reach the platform’s top, the Legendary Chest will sit above. Open it up and collect the loot.

Lore Marker (Warning)

Once you’ve grabbed the chest, turn right and grapple across by using the large crane. When you hit the newly reached platform, turn your camera to the right and look down. You’ll see a small lizard and one of the large Lore stones. Throw your axe at the Lizard to kill it and net some extra items. Hop down the ledge and walk up to the glowing Lore stone. Interact with it, and it will be added to your collectibles.

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Mining Rig

Head back up the way you came down. Once you’re back up on the top ledge, throw your axe at the right side of the large crane across from you. This will cause the crane to spin and bring the grapple point with it. You’ll need to hit the crane twice to move it into position, but then you’ll be able to use it to grapple across to the next area.

Once you’re across, you can climb up the gold chain in front of you. This will bring you to the rig’s top, and the spot you need to interact with it to your left upon cresting the top.

Fruits of Industry Buried Treasure Map

Okay, so this one is a bit more complicated. You’ll pick this quest up across the Bay at Dragon’s Beach, directly across from the Rig. Follow the path and grapple across the gap to your left. Here you’ll find an Elder Wayfarer Spirit who will tell you about some buried treasure. Upon speaking with him, you’ll gain the favor titled “The Lost Treasure.” Hit up on the D-Pad to track the quest and keep it on your compass to help you out.

Once you see the marker on your map, which is north of your position on Dragon’s Beach, follow the tunnel until your reach the location. You’ll find something to pick up next to some broken barrels.

You will now have the Buried Treasure Map and begin the “Fruits of Industry.” mission. When you look at the picture in your inventory, you’ll notice the large crane from the rig, and you’ll need to make your way back there.

Head back to the Rig and climb up that first ledge. You’ll notice a glowing gold pulse on the ground to your right immediately after climbing the ridge. Interact with it to finish the mission and obtain the “Petrified Bone” and “Luminous Alloy” crafting components.

Those are all of the collectibles in God of War Ragnarok for Modvitnir’s Rig. We have some other guides to check out if you need more help. Here are all of the collectibles in Althjof’s Rig.

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