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All New Achievements in Genshin Impact 3.3 Version

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by Patrick Souza

In a game filled with secrets like Genshin Impact, chasing for all of the possible achievements could take you weeks or months, depending on both your investment and your luck, as some of them are RNG and time-gated at the same time. Despite that, it’s nice to see that the game has over 800 small challenges that gift you some extra Primogems for those sweet rolls.

And as each new update expands them even further, players always have new things to do or discover. Here are the new achievements from the 3.3 Version of Genshin Impact

All of the New Achievements in Genshin Impact 3.3

Only two categories received updates during this small update, those being Wonders of the World (all of them hidden) and the newcomer Genius Invokation TCG, which focuses on the new game mode.

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Wonders of the World Secret Achievements

Most of the game’s achievements fall in this category. All of the new ones are not visible at first, but you’ll gradually get them while progressing through the patch’s contents.

Mystery of Tatarasuna; Echoes of History; Parinama: Fox, Cat, Bird, and Monster; Me, Myself, But Not I; Inversion of Genesis

These are all obtained while playing through the new Archon Quest “Inversion of Genesis”, and you cannot miss them when completing it. The Quest requires you to complete all of the previous Sumeru Archon Quests and also Kazuha’s Character Story Quest “ A Strange and Friendless Road”, as well as being at Adventure Rank 40.


Witness the tale of Lan and the “Unseen Razor.”

You get this Achievement by completing all of the “Where is The Unseen Razor” Daily Commissions from Lan in Liyue. 3.3 introduced the final chapter, so set your commissions to Liyue if you’re looking for this particular Achievement.

To Walk the Horizon…?

Witness Sun Yu’s tale. 

Same as the previous Achievement, you need to complete the four different versions of the new “The Day the Sword Departs” Daily Commission, which also hails from Liyue and is branched from “The Sparrow Studies the Blade”. You can grind for both this achievement and the previous one together, so that’s a plus.

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Genius Invokation TCG-related Achievements

You’ll find all of these Achievements in the new Genius Invokation TCG Achievement Category. Most of them will be earned naturally while playing.

  • Visible, Yet Invisible – Get the TCG Player’s Manual and become an officially recognized TCG player.
  • Win-Loss Ratio – Reach Player Lv.10.
  • A Riotous Response – Cause a total of 30/150/300 Elemental Reactions in victorious matches.
  • Victory at Hand – Play a total of 60/300/600 Action Cards in victorious matches.
  • “Well, Let’s See It, Partner…” – Play a total of 20/100/200 Summons in victorious matches.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack! – Use 3 or more Elemental Bursts and achieve victory in a total of 1/5/10 match(es).
  • A Candle in the Wind? – Withstand a total of 30/150/300 damage using shields or healing in victorious matches.
  • Chaos Divided – Defeat 2 or more Character Cards from the opponent’s deck in one single action a total of 1/5/10 time(s) in victorious games.
  • Legendary High Roller – Obtain 10000/70000/150000 Lucky Coins in total
  • Miniaturized Dice-Shaker – Deal 8 or more points of damage in one single action a total of 1/5/10 time(s) in victorious games.

As you can see from these somewhat exaggerated numbers, this is just like the Fishing Achievements. Not something you can quickly grind and get unless you have no care for your mental state, but more of a long-term goal you can get while adventuring yourself within the new TCG introduced. People will eventually come up with decks that speed up the process, and the mode’s not going anywhere, so you’ll get them eventually.

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