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How to Unlock the City of Gold Domain in Genshin Impact

Riches and gold disguised as artifacts

by Patrick Souza

A new domain has arrived in Genshin Impact Version 3.3, and if you’re looking for building the Wanderer with the best possible sets, you’ll probably be spending a good chunk of your time in it for a while as it guards a new set tailor-made for him. Alternatively, you can get a new set that boosts even further Bloom-based teams, which are already incredibly strong by themselves. Don’t sleep on any of these!

The City of Gold can be found in the desert of Sumeru, and you might have to call it home for a few weeks. But for that, you’ll need to find the way home first. See how you can unlock the City of Gold Domain.

How to Find the City of Gold in Genshin Impact

The Domain can be found in the Great Red Sand desert areas on the western side of the map, more specifically in the Eye of the Sands subarea. The quickest way to reach it is by using either one of the teleports near the area.

City of Gold Domain location
Screenshot by Prima Games

You should see a Challenge Point (completed or not) as you approach the domain by gliding or running from an upper level. If you find it, that’s your leave to drop down until you see the domain in red colors. There’s no puzzle involved in unlocking it, so you can just approach it and that’s it. You can now quickly travel here anytime you want. And trust me, you’ll probably be doing that for a while.

For the domain itself, the hardest difficulty hosts mainly Slimes and Fungi monsters and favors Anemo characters. If you have a temporary set for the Wanderer, this will be a piece of cake for him. You can just use your other regular teams if you don’t, but Anemo characters will have a huge boost.

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City of Gold features two Artifact Sets: Desert Pavillion Chronicle and Flower of Paradise Lost. As mentioned before, the first set is perfect for on-field Anemo DPS characters, while the Flower of Paradise Lost focuses on Bloom reactions, although it’s kinda complicated to use compared to other sets. Both are worth it in the end, so it’s time to get some grinding!

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