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Can You Name the Wanderer in Genshin Impact? – Answered

That's almost as hard as naming a son

by Patrick Souza
Name the Wanderer Genshin Impact

We’ve been waiting for two long years, but he’s finally here. Scaramouche, one of the first Fatui we’ve ever encountered in the game, is finally playable in Genshin Impact through his new identity of Wanderer. He bears the power of Anemo instead of the expected Electro, but you can still fill his chaotic energy deep down, even if he’s now a more socially acceptable individual.

This boy has suffered since he was born and has finally found a way out of his misery, and that came with a whole new identity for him. As he himself has declared, Balladeer, Kabukimono, and all of his other names are no more. As he’s once again a vagrant in this land, he lacks a name. Can we solve this problem?

Can You Give a Name to the Wanderer in Genshin Impact?

Die-hard Scaramouche fans will be pleased to know that they can give a name for him, as long as they follow some simple rules. Their beloved murderer-turned-ally asks sees not a necessity for a name but allows the Traveler to call him as they want. This is evidenced in his very first voice line:

“You want me to introduce myself? I’ve gone by many names and titles during my journey. Although each one is more eminent than any ordinary mortal could imagine, they’re all just water under the bridge to me now.

Call me whatever you like. Go ahead, let me see what you can come up with. Don’t disappoint me.” 

In order to name him, you need to complete the Interlude Chapter: Act III – Inversion of Genesis Archon Quest, which focuses on his own background. During the quest itself, he’ll prompt you to give him a new name, and this will reflect on the character itself if you have pulled for him.

The name will be visible when you equip him at your party, in his Status menu, and inside your Teapot. Every reference to the Wanderer will be made with said name. Just like with the Traveler, characters will still be voiced as calling him “Wanderer” during cutscenes, but you’ll always read the dialogue with his given name.

You can name him during the quest and one of its rewards is the An Appellative Stroke item, which will give the Wanderer a new name. This is the only chance you’ll get for changing his name, so use it wisely.

Which Names You Cannot Give to the Wanderer?

You can go with almost anything you want, but there are also some rules for the naming that may disappoint some people. You cannot give him any of the names he used in the past. Some examples are:

  • Scaramouche
  • Balladeer
  • Kunikuzushi
  • Kabukimono
  • Puppet

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That’s not all as more restrictions are also set upon his naming. You cannot use any playable character’s name, or other names related to his past, such as Beelzebub or any of the Fatui Harbinger’s names.

But if you REALLY want to give him some of these names, you can use a variation of them as Hoyoverse couldn’t bother with forbidding them all. For example, if you wish to call him “Balladeer”, you can use an uppercase “i” instead of two lowercase “L”s (BaIladeer), and the game will accept it. Same with accent marks (i.e. Scaramouché). Not the best way around the limitations, but it does work.

You’re also not allowed to use any curse or offensive words at the risk of receiving punishment in your account, just like it would be expected. But remember, he’s trusting you for giving him a good new name, so be creative! Or just name him Fandango and call it a day. He deserves it.

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