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All Minecraft Villagers and their Trades Listed

Making and breaking speedruns, one emerald at a time

by Madison Benson
All Minecraft Villagers and their Trades Listed

Trading is a fundamental part of Minecraft if you want to get unique items or attempt speedruns. You can get all kinds of resources from enchanted armor to food and Ender Pearls. However, while you may expect the villagers to want emeralds for every trade, there is a surprisingly complicated tiered system that changes with each update. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to find a comprehensive list of all Minecraft villagers and their trades as of 1.19.3.

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All Minecraft Villagers and their Trades Listed

Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions have very similar trading mechanics, with the main differences being the XP values each trade provides for the villager. The list below describes all Minecraft villager and their trades for both Java and Bedrock Editions!


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceCoal x15Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x5Iron Helmet x1
NoviceEmerald x9Iron Chestplate x1
NoviceEmerald x7Iron Leggings x1
NoviceEmerald x4Iron Boots x1
ApprenticeIron Ingot x4Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x36Bell x1
ApprenticeEmerald x3Chainmail Leggings x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Chainmail Boots x1
JourneymanLava Bucket x1Emerald x1
JourneymanDiamond x1Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x1Chainmail Helmet x1
JourneymanEmerald x4Chainmail Chestplate x1
JourneymanEmerald x5Shield x1
ExpertEmerald x19+Enchanted Diamond Leggings x1
ExpertEmerald x13+Enchanted Diamond Boots x1
MasterEmerald x13+Enchanted Diamond Helmet x1
MasterEmerald x21+Enchanted Diamond Chestplate x1


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceRaw Chicken x14Emerald x1
NoviceRaw Porkchop x7Emerald x1
NoviceRaw Rabbit x4Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x1Rabbit Stew x1
ApprenticeCoal x15Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Cooked Porkchop x5
ApprenticeEmerald x1Cooked Chicken x8
JourneymanRaw Mutton x7Emerald x1
JourneymanRaw Beef x10Emerald x1
ExpertDried Kelp Block x10Emerald x1
MasterSweet Berries x10Emerald x1


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NovicePaper x24Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x7Empty Map x1
ApprenticeGlass Pane x11Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x13
Compass x1
Ocean Explorer Map x1
JourneymanCompass x1Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x14
Compass x1
Woodland Explorer Map x1
ExpertEmerald x7Item Frame x1
ExpertEmerald x3Any color blank banner x1
MasterEmerald x8Globe Banner Pattern x1

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LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceRotten Flesh x32Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x1Redstone Dust x2
ApprenticeGold Ingot x3Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Lapis Lazuli x1
JourneymanRabbit’s Foot x2Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x4Glowstone x1
ExpertScute x4Emerald x1
ExpertGlass Bottle x9Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x5Ender Pearl x1
MasterNether Wart x22Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x3Bottle o’ Enchanting x1


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceWheat x20Emerald x1
NovicePotato x26Emerald x1
NoviceCarrot x22Emerald x1
NoviceBeetroot x15Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x1Bread x6
ApprenticePumpkin x6Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Pumpkin Pie x4
ApprenticeEmerald x1Apple x4
JourneymanMelon x4Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x3Cookie x18
ExpertEmerald x1Cake x1
ExpertEmerald x1Suspicious Stew x1
MasterEmerald x3Golden Carrot x3
MasterEmerald x4Glistering Melon Slice x3


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceString x20Emerald x1
NoviceCoal x10Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x1
Raw Cod x6
Cooked Cod x6
NoviceEmerald x3Bucket of Cod x1
ApprenticeRaw Cod x15Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1
Raw Salmon x6
Cooked Salmon x6
ApprenticeEmerald x2Campfire x1
JourneymanRaw Salmon x13Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x8+Enchanted Fishing Rod x1
ExpertTropical Fish x6Emerald x1
MasterPufferfish x4Emerald x1
MasterBoat (any type) x1Emerald x1


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceStick x32Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x1Arrow x16
NoviceEmerald x1
Gravel x10
Flint x10
ApprenticeFlint x26Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x2Bow x1
JourneymanString x14Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x3Crossbow x1
ExpertFeather x24Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x7+Enchanted Bow x1
MasterTripwire Hook x8Emerald x1
MasterEmerald x8+Enchanted Crossbow x1
MasterEmerald x2
Arrow x5
Tipped Arrow x5

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LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceLeather x6Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x3Leather Pants x1
NoviceEmerald x7Leather Tunic x1
ApprenticeFlint x26Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x5Leather Cap x1
ApprenticeEmerald x4Leather Boots x1
JourneymanRabbit Hide x9Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x7Emerald x1
ExpertScute x4Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x6Leather Horse Armor x1
MasterEmerald x6Saddle x1
MasterEmerald x5Leather Cap x1


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NovicePaper x24Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x5+
Book x1
Enchanted Book x1
NoviceEmerald x9Bookshelf x1
ApprenticeBook x4Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x5+
Book x1
Enchanted Book x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Lantern x1
JourneymanInk Sac x5Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x5+
Book x1
Enchanted Book x1
JourneymanEmerald x1Glass x4
ExpertBook and Quill x1Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x5+
Book x1
Enchanted Book x1
ExpertEmerald x5Clock x1
ExpertEmerald x4Compass x1
MasterEmerald x20Name Tag x1

Mason/Stone Mason

LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceClay Ball x10Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x1Brick x10
ApprenticeStone x20Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Chiseled Stone Bricks x4
JourneymanGranite, Andesite or Diorite x16Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x1Polished Andesite, Granite or Diorite x4
JourneymanEmerald x1Dripstone Block x4
ExpertNether Quartz x12Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x1Terracotta (any type) x1
ExpertEmerald x1Glazed Terracotta (any type) x1
MasterEmerald x1Quartz Pillar x1
MasterEmerald x1Block of Quarts x1


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceWhite, Brown, Black or Gray Wool x18Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x2Shears x1
ApprenticeBlack, Grey, Lime, Light Blue or White Dye x12Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Wool (any color) x1
ApprenticeEmerald x1Carpet (any color) x4
JourneymanRed, Light Gray, Pink, Yellow or Orange Dye x12Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x3Bed (any color) x4
ExpertGreen, Brown, Blue, Purple, Cyan or Magenta Dye x12Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x3Banner (any color) x1
MasterEmerald x2Painting x3

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LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceCoal x15Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x1Stone Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe or Hoe x1
ApprenticeIron Ingot x4Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x36Bell x1
JourneymanFlint x30Emerald x1
JourneymanEmerald x6+Enchanted Iron Axe x1
JourneymanEmerald x7+Enchanted Iron Shovel x1
JourneymanEmerald x8+Enchanted Iron Pickaxe x1
JourneymanEmerald x4Diamond Hoe x1
ExpertDiamond x1Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x17+Enchanted Diamond Axe x1
ExpertEmerald x10+Enchanted Diamond Shovel x1
MasterEmerald x18+Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe x1


LevelRequired ItemItem Given
NoviceCoal x15Emerald x1
NoviceEmerald x3Iron Axe x1
NoviceEmerald x7+Enchanted Iron Sword x1
ApprenticeIron Ingot x4Emerald x1
ApprenticeEmerald x36Bell x1
JourneymanFlint x24Emerald x1
ExpertDiamond x1Emerald x1
ExpertEmerald x17+Enchanted Diamond Axe x1
MasterEmerald x13+Enchanted Diamond Sword x1

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and mobile devices through the official website. For more information about the game, check out How to Make a Glowing Sign in Minecraft and How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

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