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How to Make a Glowing Sign in Minecraft

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by Jordan Lemons

In Minecraft’s last update, players were introduced to their winning vote, the Glow Squid for the Mob Vote that Crafters voted for. Although it didn’t turn out entirely to be what we expected, the peculiar mob doesn’t light up as much as a torch in a deep dark cave. And it certainly doesn’t do much aside from its usual flapping we could see in the overworld from a normal Squid. But like its counterpart, it does come with its fair share of uses, in which there’s only really one. And that’s to make Glow Signs for both Item Frames and Signs. Here’s how to make a Glowing Sign in Minecraft.

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Where to Find Glow Squids in Minecraft

Given their peculiar nature, Glow Squids can only be found at the Y-Level of 30 in both the Java and Bedrock Edition. Specifically in Water Caves, given that the Glow Squid would surely suffocate and die. Not that they wouldn’t do so, even if there were a patch of water nearby. They are an incredibly dumb species in Minecraft. Regardless, you can obtain Glow Squid Sacs by defeating them and obtaining their drops. They can also be found in random areas of water when exploring the ocean, but you’re guaranteed to come across them if you look in Water Caves.

How to Make Glow Signs in Minecraft

Glow Squid Ink Sacs have a few niche uses in Minecraft, like the original Ink Sac. Ink Sacs were primarily used to obtain Black Dye, while Glow Squid Ink Sacs can be used to emit a very low form of light. This Light isn’t meant to emit something as strong as a Torch of a Lantern, but it is meant to make the Text that appears on Signs more noticeable and stark against the dark contrast of the Sign.

Using the Glow Squid Ink Sac on a sign that already has Text on it will light up the Text so that it’s brighter against the Wooden Sign Background. Combined with different types of Dyes, you can spruce up your boring old sign designs. 

How to Make a Glow Item Frame in Minecraft

Glow Item Frame works much in the same way that Glow Signs work. They don’t actually emit any light but bring more attention to the sign and make it stand out in a usually dark environment. This can help to either bring more attention to the item you are displaying or light up a map in the works so that it always remains bright and visible. 

For regular Item Frames, you just need Sticks and Leather. Placing Leather in the center of the Crafting Table, you create a circle around it with Sticks and end up with an Item Frame. To create a Glow Item Frame, you need only place your Item Frame and a Glow Squid Ink Sac in your Inventory Creation Space or on a Crafting Table to end up with a Glowing Item Frame.

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