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How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Dang, it's dark in here...

by Jordan Lemons

Whether you’re adventuring through a cavern or digging underground in a two-by-one space, you’re going to come across a very similar problem in both situations – it can get hecking dark in Minecraft. Once night takes over the world, all kinds of things can creep up on you and your lone Minecraft bed. The only way to combat that is to light up the area with some good ole torches, and we’ll teach you how to make them in Minecraft below.

How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

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When you’re just beginning your Minecraft journey, the most valuable of items is going to be Torches since you can use them for either lighting up your campsite or using them as a path to find your way to and from mineshafts you’ve created, villages you’ve come across or just fascinating places you don’t want to lose track of. 

So how do you make them? Torches are comprised of a relatively simple recipe that only requires two crafting materials: Sticks and Coal. 

Coal is a material that you can either obtain through mining or through deforestation. Normally found through mining, you can spot Coal Blocks by their distinctive black spotting in regular Stone. Often they come in veins that can provide you with plenty of Coal in order to later use for your Furnace or to use to make Torches. 

Torches can be made by combing a singular Stick and a Piece of Coal. You can use the Crafting Table or your own Inventory to make it on your person. With Coal on the top box and the Stick on the bottom, you can craft four Torches. Adding more will produce multiple Torches which you will probably need to light up that cave. Torches can also be used to prevent mobs from spawning in your campsite. This won’t keep them away from the campsite if they spawn outside of it though. So once you build your beautiful dirt house, be sure to light it up inside with a couple of torches to make sure you aren’t going to be surprised by a Skeleton or Creeper the next time you come home.

Torches have another recipe that can be used aside from using Coal and that’s by using Charcoal. Sometimes dire times call for dire consequences, and if you have a lot of trees around your base, it’s time to start knocking them down. Charcoal is produced by burning Logs in the Furnace. By placing Logs in the top box of the Furnace and using Wood Planks on the bottom to burn, you can gather Charcoal to use in case of emergencies when you are lacking in Coal.

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